The e-commerce sector is saturated

How e-commerce is conquering Germany

Basically, there is hardly a good that is not suitable for online trading. Thanks to modern logistics with freshness-keeping technology, food is just as suitable as durable consumer goods (fashion, furniture, electronics, etc.). Clothing is the market that has the largest share of e-commerce in Germany and is used the most. It is therefore very difficult for small and still quite young companies to assert themselves here - unless they offer unique products that serve an existing customer need. Online retailing in the food sector, on the other hand, is still a niche market that so far only a few players have shared. This can well be called Market opportunity for interesting business ideas be seen. Other industries are similarly underrepresented within e-commerce in Germany and are just waiting, so to speak, to advance into online trading with a good concept. What matters are Your idea and the concept, with which you start your shop - no matter in which field of e-commerce in Germany you are active.

Do not copy anything that already exists, but set yourself apart from the competition with your idea. But especially in a more competitive market segment, clever online marketing plays an important role. A comprehensive marketing strategy that also includes search engine optimization is one of the basic tasks when implementing your business idea.