How do I meditate on one leg

Meditate legs fall asleep

Meditate legs fall asleep: It is not dangerous if the legs fall asleep while meditating. The reason the legs can fall asleep while meditating is because there is pressure on a nerve somewhere. And if pressure is exerted on the nerve when the legs are relaxed, the nerve impulses may not be passed on and you therefore have the feeling that you cannot feel your legs.

Meditate legs fall asleep

Of course, the legs do not go to sleep and nothing changes in the blood circulation in the legs. That is precisely why you do not need to worry. You will find that legs asleep are the same color as legs that are not asleep. So there is neither an artery congestion nor a venous congestion and the blood flow is completely normal. But the conduction of stimuli is somewhat reduced and therefore you have the feeling that your legs are falling asleep.

Contraction in meditation

The only thing that is important when your legs are asleep in meditation is that you don't suddenly get up. Because then you may kink or fall over. So after meditation, first move your toes a little, stretch your legs, move your feet, maybe massage your legs a little and then you can get up. So don't get up straight away when the cell phone rings or the doorbell rings and then land on your nose, but give yourself some time.

Or, you could say that having your legs fall asleep is annoying. Can I avoid my legs falling asleep? Yes, you could also do something to keep your legs from falling asleep. If you know that the reason why your legs fall asleep is because something is pressing on a nerve somewhere, then you could see whether you are sitting in such a way that something is pressing against the nerve. For example, you could see if you have one foot under one thigh. Then maybe you would rather sit in the muktasana instead of in the half lotus position, where your legs are in front of each other and where nothing is pressing.

But it can also be that you are sitting on a pillow in such a way that the edge of the pillow is also pressing against a nerve. And then you would have to sit further forward so that only the seat humps are on the pillow and not the edge of the thigh is on the edge of the pillow. Or you could also make sure that the foot is not below the calf and that this is possibly pressing one of the nerves on the calf. There are a few possibilities.

Maybe something else that sometimes affects men. Men sometimes have underpants with a seam on the edge. And this seam can also press and lead to legs falling asleep. So here you would be advised to perhaps put on boxer shorts or perhaps not to wear underpants or other underpants during meditation.

There is another tip. At the beginning of the meditation you could consciously tense your calves for 5 seconds, for example by pulling your heels towards you. And then you could press your feet against the floor, tense them for 5 seconds and let go. Then you could contract and loosen the quadriceps and glutes for 5 seconds. And then squeeze and release your thigh biceps for 5 seconds. 5 seconds is sufficient in each case. This creates some space in the legs and afterwards the legs will not fall asleep so quickly.

When the legs fall asleep, however, it is no longer tragic. According to my surveys, which I sometimes do with experienced meditators, about 10 percent of meditators have their legs regularly falling asleep, about 20 percent now and then and about a quarter have their legs never asleep. It doesn't matter whether the legs go to sleep or not.

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