Why is key account management important

Customer managementTasks of the key account manager

The Key Account Manager is the personal contact for the customer. He advises him and negotiates contracts with him. To do this, the key account manager collects information about the interests and requirements of his customers: his market, his marketing, his logistics and development. For the customer, the key account manager thinks along entrepreneurially and supports the customer, for example with:

  • the development and improvement of the customer's products,
  • the joint development of new business areas,
  • the optimization of business processes,
  • of strategy and future planning.

In his own company, the key account manager advocates the interests of the key account. This happens at all positions in the company that are in contact with the key account, for example sales, logistics, marketing and higher management. The key account manager knows the responsibilities in the company and coordinates the processes.

The key account manager forwards customer concerns that affect other positions in the company to the responsible office, for example to the employees from the buying center. The key account manager keeps track of the progress and mediates between the customer and the relevant departments in the company. The key account manager bundles all activities of the key account.