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What is your favorite Disney cartoon?

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It's insanely cold in Arendelle. Elsa, the lonely ice queen accidentally triggered the eternal winter. In Austria, roughly all children under the age of 13 and their parents know how the story ends, after all, "The Ice Queen - Völlig Unverfroren" is the most successful animated film of all time. But the Disney Studios have celebrated numerous successes since their first film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1937. The animation industry pioneer Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901. He created classics from film history and characters that have found a permanent place in children's rooms and hearts to this day.

Damsel in distress?

As different as the Disney heroes and heroines may be, they all have some things in common. The parents are mostly dead or absent, the best friends are cute little animals or even animate objects, love almost always arises at first sight, the villains are wonderfully styled, the tiny waists are the same size as the necks and princesses need them most cases of rescue.

This is exactly where the criticism of numerous critics lies - the image of women conveyed is difficult in many Disney films. The beautiful woman waits resignedly for the one prince charming who should free her from her predicament and in the best case marry her. See Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty Aurora. But the world of Disney films has also evolved and for a number of years heroines like Mulan, Tiana and Belle have been watching how they assert themselves in a hostile world. Pocahontas decides (in the film) against a life for two, Disney's often used panacea, the "kiss of true love" takes place between two sisters in "The Ice Queen" and the Polynesian Moana (in the cinema from December 22nd) is already pawing away the next self-determined Disney princess in the starting blocks.

Even difficult, serious topics are taken up in Disney films - prepared in a child-friendly manner. Many tears flowed when Bambi's mother or Simba's father died, the bell ringer of Notre Dame was ostracized by his fellow men or Pinocchio wanted nothing more than to be a real little boy. The value of families and friends - even those that do not conform to the norm - has also been the focus of the stories since the early days.

What is the magic of Disney films?

Which Disney cartoon was your childhood film? Do you still watch Disney films today? What do you love about the films, what bothers you about them? (aan, December 5, 2016)