Is it weird to enjoy people watching?


Most of the time I don't even take my camera with me to private events. Simply so that I am not busy taking photos, but can enjoy freely and have time for the people I am with. On this year's Christmas vacation in the Swiss mountains, however, I really wanted to have the camera with me. Not only because of the great landscape (when I travel, for example, I almost always pack my camera), but also to capture a bit of "everything" again. Like I do at weddings. But stop at normal life. Or in this case about idyllic idleness;).

One of my thoughts on photography and what I actually do and want with it has been lately

Pause and enjoy the moment.

This is how my pictures should feel. And that struck me again during my vacation: the little quiet moments. The wind in my hair, the kneading of the cookie dough, the book in my hand ... I just want to watch and enjoy. For me, these are the really big moments in life and what I like to photograph. The simple. And in combination with the large, impressive landscapes and the portraits of people, stories form. Stories that celebrate life. That's how I actually see everything that I photograph. Whether it is a new family, the big wedding party or the trip to a new fascinating place.
Just enjoy what is already there anyway. So ... have fun with the short photo series. And then: go and enjoy YOUR moments. ;)