Why do you love social work

Volunteering in social work in India

Unequal opportunities and poverty

Even if India has benefited from the economic boom of recent years in many areas, it is Poverty is still a big problem for many of its residents. In no other country do so many people live in poverty. Social inequalities are also often manifested through the caste system, which, for example, has a major influence on access to educational opportunities. Social aid projects target their offers specifically to peoplethat have no one else to stand up for their rights and future opportunities.

Possible uses for volunteers

As Volunteer in the field of social work you support organizations that work in India for the needs of sick or socially disadvantaged people. Education about their rights or health care can fall into this area of ​​activity, but also Educational offers, for example in an NGO project that supports women in rural areas. It would also be possible, as a volunteer, to spend time with the residents of a Retirement home who are happy about people who go for a walk with them, read something to them or just listen to them. Organizational tasks and participation in daily activities such as cleaning up or preparing meals could also be on your daily schedule for these projects.

You should bring that with you

Previous training in the field of social work can be helpful for this assignment, but is not a prerequisite for most projects. Good to very good knowledge of English are urgently needed if you are to effectively help the people you work with.