How did Ron Weasley die

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything JKR. I just borrow some of their great characters.

Hey guys!
Yeah, this is a new project of mine!
As you have probably already read in the shorthand, I will bring you various farewell letters from Harry to all sorts of people in this FF!
This idea came to me very spontaneously and I hope you like it!
If there are any wishes who should get a letter from Harry, always bring them on!

Ron Weasley stared in disbelief at the letter in his hand. The sender was none other than Harry Potter. Harry, his best friend. He was dead. Died because he sacrificed himself for her. For all of them. As the last victim of the war. Another completely unnecessary sacrifice. . . Ron had never even doubted that Harry would survive the war. . . He had rather believed in his own death. But not Harry. He was just something special, that couldn't be denied. . . .
With trembling hands, Ron tore open the letter. Without noticing it, a few silent tears ran down his cheeks. Ron immediately recognized his best friend's handwriting. He would recognize them among thousands.
He quickly began to read:

If you are reading this, I will probably be dead. I very much hope that I was able to give you a peaceful life!
Well, you know I find it hard to write this while you're snoring unsuspectingly next to me.
Do you think i would be a good godfather? As you know, Remus made me Teddy's godfather. Do you think i'm responsible? Do you think I'm up to the task?
Anyway, I have something. . . found out. I have to die, Ron. I have to. To die. . .Hm. . .
You know, before I go I have to tell you something. I don't want to have left without thanking you.
Thank you for always supporting me! Does not matter when!
I know we had our arguments, but you always understood me.
If I had a brother, I would have liked him to be like you.
Thank you for always making me laugh! Without you, I would probably be lost in my depressive thoughts. . .
Thank you for seeing in me not the "chosen one" but "only" Harry. You know Ron, you were my first real friend. From the beginning. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you.
Hm. .
You know Ron, I'm scared. Fear of death. What will happen to me Do you think I'll see my parents and Sirius again?
I really hope so.
Even if I do see her again, I will still be missing something.
I'll miss you cracking a joke again I will miss our Quidditch games in your garden. I will just miss everything. . . Your squabbles with Hermione, the Burrow. . . Just everything. . .
Oh one more thing. Thank you for accepting my relationship with Ginny.
I really love her! I know Ginny is a very strong person, but please take care of her! She must be happy!
I also hope with all my heart that you and Hermione will be happy. (Yes Ron you belong together! I hope you get it soon!)
After Sirius Tot, I thought about a lot myself.
I have come to the conclusion that I am going to die.
And no Ron, I am not thinking pessimistically. I think realistically!
I want you to know that you mean a lot to me!
I never told you directly. . . I hope you know
Take care of Hermione, will you? And please you have to go on living without me!
But if it's not too much to ask, I have one last request for you:
Do not forget me!

I love you buddy! (I know I'm a little sentimental today, sorry!)

Your best friend,


Ron sobbed softly. That damn idiot!
Ron missed him more than ever.
He didn't even notice Hermione walking into the room. She took him comfortingly in her arms. So they gave each other support. Harry would have wanted them to go on living. And that's exactly what Ron would try. For Harry!

And Ron would never forget his best friend, no his brother!

So that was the first chapter!
Hermione is next!
I'll probably post the next cape this afternoon!
Lollykeksi: D
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