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Tinting gray hair: 7 tips for the perfect tint

When it comes to tinting gray hair, there are a few things to consider. Here are the 7 most important tips for the perfect tint of gray hair.

7 tips for tinting gray hair

There are a few ways to get rid of gray hair. One of them is the tinting of colorless hair. But gray hair cannot always be tinted. What you should know before you reach for a tint for gray hair or whether you shouldn't do it right away, we will explain to you now.

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# 1 Tinting doesn't always work

A hair tint is less intense compared to a hair color. Therefore, a tint is only suitable for hair that is only slightly gray. Up to a gray proportion of 50 percent, the hair can usually be covered with an intensive tint and a satisfactory tint result can be achieved.

Note: If your hair is already completely gray, we recommend a complete coloring in a shade that is a little lighter than your natural shade. This looks more harmonious and creates a less harsh approach when growing back.

# 2 Tint doesn't last

Because the natural color pigments of the hair are retained during tinting and the color does not penetrate deep into the hair structure, the color of the tint is partially removed each time the hair is washed. A tint for gray hair, like any other starting color, therefore lasts a maximum of six to eight weeks. After this period, the color has completely disappeared. If you wash your hair daily, the tint will probably not last six weeks, but considerably shorter. If you want a result that lasts longer, you should dye your gray hair. If you don't believe in chemistry, you can also dye your gray hair naturally.

# 3 Not every tint does what it says on the tin

What is the case with colors, usually looks no different with tints. As a result, some tints may hold in your hair better than others. In addition to the product quality, the texture of your hair plays a not insignificant role. It is best to try one or a maximum of two other products if the first shade doesn't really cover you before you choose a hair color.

Note: Hair tints are always marked with a shelf life of "6 to 8 weeks", while hair colors are marked with the label "durable".

# 4 Sounding lighter doesn't work

You cannot dye gray hair blonde with a tint. Choosing a lighter color than the natural shade would not result in any result whatsoever for hair that is still equipped with color pigments. Only with the gray hair does the tint actually appear. So choose a shade that matches your natural hair shade or is slightly darker. If the proportion of gray hair is still low, interesting nuances can be achieved with tints, such as bronze, gold or red tones.

Note: Once you go for an intense tint, choose a shade lighter than you usually would. According to its name, it is more intense or more pigmented and therefore darker. At the same time, it stays in the hair longer than usual.

# 5 Foam tints are good for testing

If it's your first time tinting gray hair, products with ammonia-free foam formulas are a great choice for home-tinting.

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# 6 Hair tints have a few advantages

Tints have a number of advantages over hair color:

  • With tinted hair, the untinted new hairline is less noticeable.
  • Tints are easier to tolerate and there are fewer allergic reactions.
  • Hair tints are already mixed and therefore easier to use.

# 7 tints don't just have benefits

If you want to tone gray hair, you should also know the cons:

  • A tint adheres to the horny scales of the hair. If the scale structure is irregular, the coloration is very different and the results can be spotty. With split ends, the tips usually have a different color.
  • Some gray hair takes on no or only unsatisfactory tints.

Gray hair doesn't always need to be colored. See how cool the silver look can also look with young girls and mature women.

Tinting gray hair is not difficult! If you follow all of our tips, you too can count on a perfect color result when tinting your gray hair. By the way: You can find out why you should definitely act when your gray hair is getting color again in the linked article.

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