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The Episcopal Youth Welfare Office

The Episcopal Youth Office of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart is the office for Catholic youth work set up by the bishop and has the task of supporting, promoting and accompanying them.
Catholic youth work is basically aimed at all young people by helping them to realize themselves in a way that is based on Jesus Christ.

The basis of the Catholic youth work in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart are the statements of the Joint Synod of the German Dioceses in Würzburg (1975) and the Rottenburg Diocesan Synod (1985/86).
The structures of Catholic youth work in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart are described in the brochure of the same name from 2006 and defined for all levels.

Materials to download

This way to the website of the diocese: www.drs.de

Mission statement of the BJA

The mission statement describes the binding framework for all church youth work with the following four guidelines:

"Our actions in the tension between the world of young people and the Gospel become effective"
Especially in phases of upheaval such as changing schools, the start of training, separation ... the BJA employees encourage young people to find their own way to themselves, to others and to God. They support and encourage them to represent their interests independently, to develop independently and on an equal footing as women and men, and to enable encounters with other young people across social, cultural and denominational boundaries. Together with the young people, the BJA employees deal with questions of faith and meaning and develop lively forms of expression of their spirituality. With its offers to work for a just and non-violent world, the BJA approaches young people who are distant from the church.

"We build on volunteers"
Church youth work needs the diverse knowledge and skills of volunteers. So that volunteers can get involved, the BJA creates the necessary framework conditions and is also committed to this at a political level. It also supports the volunteers with qualification and support offers.

»The women and men who work here stand for quality«
The employees of the BJA cover a wide range of professional training and qualifications, which they guarantee through regular training.

"We are cooperative and present"
The BJA cooperates with youth welfare organizations and other organizations. The focus is on young people with their history, their situation, their questions, views and dreams; The work of the employees in the BJA is based on their time and rhythm of life.

The sponsors of church youth work

This term conceals other institutions in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, which, like the BJA and the BDKJ, make offers for church youth.
The representatives of all sponsors meet twice a year for exchange, joint planning and thematic work.

In detail these are:


EMAS certification

Eco-certified since September 29, 2015

The Bishop's Youth Welfare Office, BDKJ Diocesan Office and the Wernau conference center jointly apply a certified environmental management system in accordance with European guidelines - called EMAS for short.

The aim is to permanently and sustainably optimize the ecological footprint of the participating institutions. The introduction of an ecological management system according to EMAS offers the advantage of integrating environmentally friendly and resource-oriented action into a binding control cycle. This begins with an inventory of relevant ecological topics such as electricity, garbage, water, heating and office supplies, in order to then bring about the necessary changes in the relevant areas. On the basis of an action plan, the so-called environmental program, responsibilities and financing are defined in affordable steps. The subsequent environmental statement is the basis for the EMAS certification, which the Episcopal Youth Welfare Office received with a certificate on September 29, 2015. In future, environmental management will be reviewed every three years.

EMAS - Eco-Management and Audit Scheme of the European Union

>>> Environmental declaration of the BJA 2015 [pdf; 843 KB]

The diocesan instructions BDKJ / BJA

The positions in the BDKJ / BJA diocesan guide are elective offices for a period of three years. The BDKJ diocesan assembly elects the head of the diocesan association BDKJ from the candidates who require the consent of the bishop. After the election, the bishop instructs the new office holder to manage the Bishop's Youth Welfare Office (BJA).
Therefore, in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, the Diocesan instructions in Personal union at the same time the BDKJ and the BJA.