Where are the ancient Israelites now

The Israelites lived in exile in Egypt around 3,000 years ago. A pharaoh ruled there who disliked her. The Jewish Bible says that he forced her to do unpaid work and otherwise harassed her terribly. But one day God is said to have appeared to Moses in a burning bush. It is said that he commissioned Moses to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and to lead them to the "promised land of Canaan." After some hesitation, Moses agreed. But the Pharaoh did not want to let the Israelites go. Then God sent one plague after another over the land. Only after the tenth plague did Pharaoh give up. It was particularly bad because the oldest son in every Egyptian family was killed.

The families of the Israelites were spared this calamity. The Bible says that Moses had previously instructed them, on God's behalf, to slaughter a lamb and mark their doorposts with the blood of the animals. So the Angel of Death was able to recognize the houses of the Israelites and “skip over” them.

When the Egyptians mourned their sons, the Israelites seized the opportunity to flee. Everything had to be done at lightning speed. They didn't even have enough time to finish baking their bread. So they took it unleavened with them on the way. These matzos still remind Jews of the events of that time. Their ancestors had to travel 400 kilometers through the desert. It should have taken them 40 years to do this. On the way, some experiences shook their faith and made them doubt that God exists. God is said to have punished them harshly for this: They never reached the promised land. Only two of the refugees from Egypt survived and reached the land of Kannaan after 40 years of wandering together with the children of the refugees from Egypt. Part of Canaan is now called Israel.

The Jewish Passover festival is a reminder of the escape from Egypt and Sukkot of life in the desert at that time.

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