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Smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard

Smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard
Image: teltarif.de Since the introduction of the Apple iPhone a few years ago, the touchscreen has established itself in cell phones and smartphones: apart from simple devices, there are almost no models that do without this technology. This applies not only to high-end models, but also to mid-range and even entry-level phones.

Smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard
Image: teltarif.de But even if the touchscreen is trendy: With physical buttons - despite a lot of practice on the touch-sensitive screen - you can usually type better and faster. This is especially true if the device not only has a classic mobile phone keyboard, but a full-fledged variant that represents a complete keyboard. This variant is called QWERTY keyboard, after the arrangement of the keys on a classic typewriter keyboard, which is also known from the PC. Corresponding devices are rare, but they are still available - from various manufacturers, with different operating systems and in a wide variety of price ranges.

The following overview shows current cell phones with a full QWERTY keyboard:

Cell phones with a QWERTY keypad

QWERTY keyboard in mobile phones: two different versions

The hardware manufacturers implemented a physical QWERTY keyboard in different ways: some cell phones used to have a slider version, others rely on the Blackberry style with a keyboard under the display. In the past, there was also a variant in the folding design, the Nokia Communicator, for example - but the series was discontinued some time ago.

Speaking of Blackberry: The e-mail machines are considered to be the prototype of smartphones with a physical QWERTY keyboard - even if the manufacturer no longer only uses this variant. Blackberrys come exclusively with a touchscreen or as a combination model - because of course nothing stands in the way of a connection between a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard.

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