Is Melania Trump a reluctant first lady

Melania Trump made some controversial decisions

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First Lady Melania Trump (née Knavs) is a mystery among the masses. The Slovenian-born brunette caused a stir when she took on the role of FLOTUS in 2017 - after all, she never has a political background. "She had the least amount of first lady preparation in our history, with the possible exception of Martha Washington," said Cokie Roberts, a political commentator for abc news, in the network's documentation about Trump. No, the earlier model is a far cry from the first ladies who wear cardigans and pearls, in front of her - even their fashion choices sometimes cause controversy.

While Mrs. Trump is known for remaining stoic (unlike her often temperamental husband, President Donald Trump), her calm demeanor has been the subject of numerous conversations and numerous essays and books. time has called her a "reluctant first lady" while Us weekly was bolder and called her “miserable” in the White House role, with Trump's family friend Phillip Bloch revealing that “this life wasn't her dream. It was Donald's. "

While debates about the FLOTUS calamity are certainly just hearsay, it is not the only excitement that caused Melania. We've rounded up these controversies - from Melania's time as a role model to her sometimes provocative role as the wife of the leader of the free world.

Melania Trump's infamous GQ stretch

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The thoughts were a different time for the world. An era when the sticky was celebrated and promoted even more. The then reality TV star and business mogul Donald Trump was still with his girlfriend, then with Melania Knauss, a model who was trying to make it big in America. Opportunity suddenly presented itself in the form of expansion for the British GQ. As an editor, Dylan Jones stated in an updated article years later, "Given that she was obviously so keen to be featured on the series." GQWe came up with a pretty cheesy camp story for her to play in. "The result? Something as flashy as the Trump's New York penthouse.

During the shoot, a naked Melania was sitting in Donald's "custom-made Boeing 727 with handcuffs, diamonds and a chrome pistol". Yeah, it's just as ridiculous as it sounds. When the photos came back into circulation in 2016, the public found that she was the first FLOTUS to pose naked.

Don't bother lifting your jaw off the floor as this isn't the only time the earlier model has been part of racy photo shoots. In 2016 the New York Post unearthed nude photos of a young Melania Trump taken for a now-defunct French magazine MaxCritics tried to shame Melania for the pictures, but the current FLOTUS held its own and told Anderson Cooper about it CNN. “I am very proud to have taken these pictures. I am not ashamed of my body. "

Does Melania Trump even care?

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It was a fashion mistake with a controversial statement that could be heard loud and clear around the world.

In 2018, the Trump administration passed strict immigration policies towards the U.S. southern border that separated families who had entered the country illegally. As US attorney general, Jeff appointed Sessions in April (via NPR) prosecutors should "immediately adopt a zero-tolerance policy" for anyone who violates this law - including minors. The public reaction? A "widespread outcry". Per The New York TimesIn June, Melania Trump's visit to a border town in Texas to meet with “imprisoned immigrant children” was overshadowed by her decision to wear a jacket with the words, “I don't care, right?” Painted on the back. While the point of sale states that "Mrs. Trump did not wear it when visiting with the children ", she wore it" on her return to the capital, in full view of the news photographers ". Oh oh.

Although the incident could lead to ignorance, it is bizarre to imagine that not a single soul from FLOTUS 'team prevented the mistake. What's more, like Bob Phibbs, the executive director of Retail Doctor, a consulting firm in New York, did it Times“Fashion is no accident with this woman. She is a former model. Every piece of clothing has a message and a purpose. It's all about image, and so is Trump. She knows the power. "

No holding hands for Donald!

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In addition to the limitless speculation about Melania's happiness as FLOTUS, there was also much debate about her satisfaction with her marriage - after all, it was rumored that Ms. Trump supposedly sleeps on a different floor than President Donald Trump.

A moment that seemed to encourage the scuttlebutt? The now-viral clip of Melania and Donald arriving at the airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the president reached out to his wife and Melania quickly clapped his hand away. As the Daily beast Reflected on the incident: “She did it so that the whole world could see it. She doesn't care if he's embarrassed and it rules completely. ”As it turns out, the handshake isn't the only time this type of negative reaction has occurred about Melania - who can forget the time she smiled at Donald and then immediately scowled once did he look away? Of course, the incident sparked controversy online almost immediately New York Post even tell a story that she is "secretly miserable as a first lady".

While all of these articles are clearly speculative, it's also important to remember an ancient quote circulated from Melanias 2000 GQwhere Donald was already pondering the idea of ​​becoming president. "I will put all my efforts into it and support my husband." We let you decide.

Did Melania Trump lie about graduating from university?

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Lying about something is pretty seedy, but lying about something as significant as getting a college degree when you're a public figure? This is definitely controversial. While many were quick to dismiss Melania Trump as a vapid model, they have people who vouch for her tough work ethic and intelligence. "I can put my hand on the fire to prove that she was a very intelligent student with a high IQ," said Blaz Vogelnik, Trump's professor of architecture at the University of Ljubljana Daily beast.

Well, it looks like Ms. Trump wasn't enough to vouch for you, and loud NBCBy July 2016, the “personal website” of FLOTUS stated that she had a degree in design and architecture from an unspecified university in Slovenia, the country of her birth. Hmm did she?

Of course, when critics found the controversial statement, evidence came that it was, in fact, not true. “She has not finished university yet, at least not in Ljubljana,” said Vogelnik NBC, adding, "My personal opinion is that because she was a very beautiful girl ... I think she realized that there was more to be gained from doing this than having long studies." Sure enough, the blurb finally got it removed from Trump's website, and at the time of this writing, her official White House bio page says nothing about her education.

Melania Trump denied the existence of her half-brother

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While GQ Journalist Julia Ioffe found some shocking information in her detailed profile about Melania Trump: The FLOTUS may have a secret half-brother. Wait what

According to Ioffe’s dig, her father Viktor Knavs had a child with a woman named Marija Cigelnjak before he married Melania’s mother, Amalija Ulčnik. The article states: "Viktor never recognized his son Denis Cigelnjak" and "The existence of Melania's half-brother was never reported." Ioffe finally found Melania's alleged half-brother and asked him if he wanted to have any contact with his father's family . His answer? He wouldn't mind meeting his half-sisters Ines and Melania.

Where is the controversy? When Ioffe asked Melania about Denis during her GQ Interview on the phone, the earlier model "denied it was true". That being said, Ioffe didn't give up and sent Melania court documents she'd unearthed. The story then changed when the FLOTUS received an email saying, “I've known this for years… My father is a private person. Please respect his privacy. ”Hmm. After the notorious GQ When the play was released, Melania denied everything on Facebook, saying it was "insincere reporting" by "the dishonest media". Bizarre, no?

Grab her by the ... bow?

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This one can perhaps be chalked up to a coincidence, but it's still a decision Melania Trump made that has met a mountain of controversy. In 2016, when Donald Trump was still the Republican presidential candidate, The Washington Post published a recorded conversation from a 2005 Access Hollywood Appearance in which Trump, among other things, said the now infamous phrase "grab her by the pussy". Of course, the criticism poured in and eventually got Trump to make a short video statement saying, "I said it, I was wrong and I apologize."

How did Melania feel about it? she said CNNAnderson Cooper that the "language was inappropriate" but defended her husband and shrugged it off as "boy talk". She also made her own controversial statement. During the second presidential debate in October 2016, the former model was seen in matching fuchsia pants and a so-called "pussy bow blouse" (see above). How Vanity Fair notes, "This is the name of this type of blouse with a bow on the neck, named for those that are often tied around the neck of cats." Of course, the internet went wild. As the magazine notes, "some viewers posted Trump's shirt-style election as a quiet way to comment on the audio." Was it?

While CBS News’s Sopan Deb in a since-deleted tweet (via Vanity Fair), "The campaign spokeswoman says this is not intended," it would not be the first time the public has accused Melania of subliminal messages about her fashion choices.

Melania Trump's response to the COVID-19 pandemic has not been exactly robust

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Melania Trump came under fire in March 2020 amid the novel coronavirus pandemic being scrutinized for her decision to remain silent on the issue. How express The FLOTUS was even criticized "when she gave a speech at the conference of the National Parent-Teacher Association but did not mention the virus despite the closure of more than 600 schools in the US at the time".

Additionally, Mrs. Trump even canceled a fundraiser in California that she was supposed to be hosting, but instead of just explaining that this was due to the coronavirus and the new practice of social distancing, the first lady just had a "planning conflict" (via ) blamed for it Politico). It's strange that she seems to be avoiding the opportunity to talk about COVID-19, isn't it?

At some point it looks like the criticism has reached the First Lady when she finally tweeted: “Our great country is fighting hard against the #Corona virus. This nation is strong and ready and we will overcome it. Please take steps to prevent further spread. Visit for updated health information and updates. ”While the tweet included a link and some useful information for the masses, a quick look at the responses reveals that the public was still angry as many thought theirs was Answer should have come much earlier.

A speech that sounded all too familiar

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While Donald Trump was still a Republican presidential candidate in 2016, his wife Melania Trump made waves for a speech she gave at the Republican National Convention in July. According to the BBC“Her speech, which got the convention off the ground, had issues like inclusiveness, honesty and hard work,” suddenly took on a different meaning - as it directly contradicted the ideas she was trying to bring forward. As Twitter users first noticed (via USA today), Melania's speech "was remarkably similar to a passage from First Lady Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention eight years ago." Oh, oh.

As the public went wild, they compared the speeches (CNN The Trump campaign even uploaded a video of the two women speaking side by side. She gave a statement from senior communications advisor Jason Miller (via USA today). "In writing her beautiful speech, Melania's writing team took notes on the inspirations of her life and in some cases included fragments that reflected her own thinking." Melania's immigrant experience and love for America shimmered through her speech, which made it so a success. “Hmm.

While the speech was being written by the FLOTUS writing team, Melania was ultimately the one delivering it, so the controversy landed on her shoulders. It is unclear whether she knew how similar it was to Obama's remarks. Notably, no one was fired for this political mistake.

The time when Melania Trump defied tradition on a trip to Saudi Arabia

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During a 2017 trip to Saudi Arabia with her husband Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka, Melania Trump came under fire for choosing not to wear a headscarf - part of the country's traditional dress code. While it is not mandatory for visitors to wear either the hijab or an abaya (full-length headgear or garment), there is one tiny element in this election that caused Trump critics to question both Melania and Ivanka.

According to CurlsWhen former President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embarked on the same trip in 2015, faced with the death of King Abdullah, the former FLOTUS also chose not to cover their heads. The decision caused The Apprentice Criticizing alum Michelle, tweeted “A lot of people say it's wonderful that Ms. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted. We have enough." [sic] Enemies. "

Of course, Donald's 2015 tweet after his own trip to the Muslim country with a topic of conversation in the Twittersphere became a user even screencapping the original tweet of the POTUS and photoshopping Melania's name instead of Michelle's.

Donald Trump doesn't really practice "being the best"

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In October 2016, when her husband was still running for president, Melania discussed Trump in an interview with social media CNNAnderson Cooper. "Social media is very harmful to the kids ... I see more and more children getting hurt by it." By 2018, she had launched her Be Best campaign, a White House initiative that focuses on educating children about "three main pillars" to help, one of which - you guessed it - is online safety.

Critics, however, found it ironic that FLOTUS's campaign appeared to be a direct contradiction of Donald Trump's countless offensive tweets. Cooper even asked Melania in this memorable one CNN Interview: “Are you telling Mr. Trump not to tweet so much?” Your answer? “Yes, but that's his decision, he's grown up. He knows the consequences.I give him [a lot of advice] ... sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn't. "

Of course, many skeptics have spoken out since FLOTUS started its campaign, such as The guardwhat it called "doomed by her husband's willingness to fight." In fact, Melania is also unaware of the critics. "It is no news or surprise to me that critics and the media ridiculed me for speaking up on the subject," she said during a conference in 2018 (via abc news). "I hope that, like me, you will consider using your negative words as motivation to do whatever you can to create awareness and understanding of responsible online behavior."

The controversy surrounding the tennis court

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If her delay in fighting the novel coronavirus 2020 wasn't enough to send the public into a frenzy of criticism, this is surely what it did: Melania Trump tweeted a photo of herself watching the construction of the new White House tennis complex in the middle of it global health crisis monitored. "I'm very excited to be sharing the progress of the Tennis Pavilion at @WhiteHouse," she wrote, adding, "Thank you to the talented team for their hard work and dedication." Um, really? At this moment?

The responses flooded in, and one user was hilariously writing “People are dying of a pandemic. Just for your information, Marie Antoinette. "Trump was quick to respond to the public backlash, rather than apologizing," I encourage anyone who chooses to be negative and question my work at @WhiteHouse to take their time and to contribute something good and productive in their own communities. #BeBest. "

How InStyle pointed out that the earlier model rarely claps back on their haters, and for good reason too, since their reaction made users even more angry. As one Twitter user put it (via InStyle), “Children in Cages. Record high homelessness. People die because they have no health care. A large percentage work multiple jobs putting food on the table. Not to mention the current global pandemic. But a tennis pavilion for the rich is what you do. ”Think of the community as“ productive ”. “Yikes.