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New provider Pixminds: ALSO sells peripheral devices and accessories from gamers for gamers

More and more applications are migrating to the cloud. This applies to the entertainment sector as well as to business software. Games are becoming more complex, immersive, and competitive. There is an often overlooked point of contact between virtual reality and the real world: peripheral devices, from mice to headsets and keyboards to controllers. From now on, gaming accessories with a great price-value ratio can be ordered via the ALSO webshop.

The French multimedia company Pixminds is one of those companies that every teenager would love to work for: they are gamers who have turned their passion into a profession. That is why they know from their own experience that games and platforms are developing rapidly. On average, games have 10 percent more functionality each year than in the previous year. But the hardware did not develop at the same speed. The players were left with nothing else than to map the additional functionalities to their keyboard or to a series of buttons on the gaming mouse.

Pixminds has not only improved the operation of the humble mouse, but revolutionized it. They developed ceramic feet that fit any gaming mouse. This results in a much smoother sliding movement while also giving the user greater precision and more control over the movements while playing. Gamers who have tried the difference between Teflon and Pixminds ceramic feet rave about the experience. But the real highlight is the 'PU 94', a mouse that is mounted on a silent block pivot and equipped with two joysticks. This leads to a new level of mobility and responsiveness when playing. The mouse can be used both as a 3D controller and as a 'normal' mouse.

“Innovation is the DNA of PIXMINDS, but making our products available to a broad gaming community is a big challenge for us. Through our partnership with ALSO we reach this audience, not only because of the impressive reach and deep market knowledge, but also because ALSO deals with us very directly and specifically, ”says Lionel Chataignier, CEO and Director of Innovation at Pixminds.

Other products range from high-speed cables and screen protection kits to wireless controllers. The switch is ergonomically shaped for optimal grip, has motion detection and a vibration system to make gaming sessions as immersive as possible. Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG (SIX: ALSN): “We are very pleased that we have integrated Pixminds into the ALSO ecosystem. With their products, we enable our resellers to offer state-of-the-art equipment for gamers, which has won numerous innovation prizes at the CES, among others. ”