What hobbies do individuals have?

Hobbies? Watching TV, spending a lot of time in the bathroom, sleeping in. Of course, nobody would write in the friendship book like this, but apparently applies to the majority of Germans. The "Leisure Monitor" presented the latest results of a survey on the leisure behavior of German citizens. The clear loser among favorite pastimes: meeting friends and acquaintances. Not even one in five Germans regularly receives friends at home or does something with them. That is a third less than five years ago. Fewer people nowadays take time out for family get-togethers and neighborhood chats.

According to the research results of the report presented by the Foundation for Future Issues in Berlin, German citizens primarily use their free time to regenerate: Two thirds of those surveyed stated that they like to sleep in at least once a week, 64 percent said they would take care of themselves "as a weekly leisure activity. 3000 people aged 14 and over in Germany were interviewed for the study. The foundation is funded by the tobacco company British American Tobacco.

More time on the internet, less time for family and sex

70 percent of people use their free time to "talk about important things" - the big issues in life are even higher than spending time with their partner (67 percent). In a five-year comparison, Germans even have less sex - in 2011 almost 34 percent stated this as employment, today it is less than a third.

Those who hang out in front of the television and smartphone after work and at the weekend are obviously in good company: three out of four Germans now use the Internet to pass the time. Five years ago, less than half of them did. 97 percent like to watch TV, 90 percent listen to the radio or make phone calls.

Unhealthy loners? Not quite: sport is popular

However, if the study is to be believed, Germans are no lazier than they were five years ago: 36 percent do sports in their free time, a third regularly ride bicycles, at least 10 percent of people jog or visit the gym - for all these activities the proportion of people has even increased by a few percentage points since 2011.

The Germans have evidently become a little loner, but also more health and body conscious. Maybe the neighbors just don't have time to chat because they file their nails while watching TV after visiting the gym - and then take a nap afterwards.