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Everything you need to know before your trip to Thailand (FAQ)

Thailand - THE travel destination for Individual tourists and Backpacking first-time offenders. Nowhere is it so easy to travel around, to find dream beaches, to do a lot of action-packed activities or to discover cultural things.

Unfortunately, the days of lonely beaches and insider tips are almost over. Real insider tips like the powdered sugar beach on Koh Phi Phi years ago have become rare, mass tourism has made its way. But the good news: the beautiful beaches and the sea is still there.

If you are lucky, the next bay or the one after that is deserted. All you have to do is search and get off the tourist track. Find your own "The Beach" ...

Everything you always wanted to know about Thailand. Fantastic beaches, cooking classes and spicy food, tuk-tuk tours or the best views in Bangkok.

Before you travel to Thailand for the first time, ask yourself questions such as:

  • When is the best time to travel?
  • What should I take with me? or
  • What do I have to pay attention to?

I get a lot of emails with questions about more information about my first Thailand vacation. Therefore, I have put together your most frequently asked questions about traveling to Thailand here. You can find the answers and information for your travel preparation and trip to Thailand here.

When is the best time to travel to Thailand?

It always depends on which region you want to travel to. Depending on the rainy season it may be that one or the other "side" of Thailand is better to travel to. Thanks to the good options, you can react spontaneously and fly from Phuket to Ko Samui with low-cost airlines.

December and January are the most beautiful, but also the busiest. Only in the north it can be very cool with 10 ° C. From April it gets hot with temperatures up to 40 ° C and the rainy season begins in May.

I have detailed here about the best travel time for a Thailand vacation written.

I have 2-3 weeks vacation to travel to Thailand. Which is the best route?

Thailand is very big. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see everything in 2-3 weeks. Therefore, you have to think in advance which islands, cities and activities you want to do. I've been to Thailand twice and I haven't seen it all yet.

The Diving license I have e.g. on Koh Tao made very cheaply in a 5-star Padi-Resort, hike I was in Khao Sok National Park, Mountain biking, rafting in Chiang Mai, You can find dream beaches everywhere and cultural has the corner around Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya and Bangkok a lot to offer.

Here you can find my Thailand travel routes:

Itinerary 1: History, the north and diving license in the south (Gulf of Thailand) - Thailand in 3 weeks

My first trip to Thailand took me on the following route: Bangkok - Chiang Mai (4 nights), Koh Phangan (3 nights) - Koh Tao (diving license, diving, relaxing, 8 days), Bangkok (2 nights) Kanchanaburi (2 nights) River Kwai Bridge, lots of history from WWII, overnight on river boats, Bangkok (2 nights).

Itinerary 2: Bangkok and the south (Andaman Sea) of Thailand in 3 weeks

Flight via Bangkok to Phuket, directly to Khao Sok National Park (2 nights), Khao Lak (3 nights), Ko Lanta (3 nights), Ko Phi Phi (3 nights), Ko Yao Noi (4 nights), Bangkok (3 nights).

A detailed report on my recommended routes will come soon. Until then you will be well served with the travel guide Thailand - The South and the normal Stefan Loose Thailand. The best travel guide for individual travel in Thailand.

Do i need a visa for Thailand?

Entry is possible with a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. If you arrive by plane and have a ticket for the return or onward journey, you will receive a "Visa on arrival": A residence permit in the form of a stamp in your passport that allows you to stay for 30 days. If you arrive by land, you will usually only get a residence permit for 15 days.

If you want to stay longer, you have to apply for a visa in advance.

What's the best way to get to Thailand?

Most tourists come on Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport at. Fewer tourists fly directly to Phuket, as the flights are usually more expensive. From Bangkok you can change to one of the many low-cost airlines to either go to the north or to an island in the south.

Which language do I have to be able to speak?

The official language in Thailand is Thai. You won't be able to read the written language, neither will I. Since there are so many tourists in Thailand, pretty much everything is translated into English. Even if the translations are often very funny. If you are traveling through Thailand individually, English (school English is sufficient) is a must. Nobody is perfect.

You can only get along with German in tourist areas where many Germans travel and live: Phuket, Kao Lak and some corners of Koh Samui.

How Safe is Thailand?

Thailand is a safe travel destination. When the news about riots in Bangkok is making the rounds again, don't let a trip to Thailand stop you. These riots mostly relate to a single street that you as a tourist can simply avoid.

However, you shouldn't be too reckless. There are not unjustified stories of tourists who get drunk (hello guys, don't let a Thai beauty turn your head) and wake up the next day somewhere without a wallet. In places like Koh Phangan Beach, you should be careful about what is dumped in your bucket. No joke and no exaggeration either.

One principle: with attention and common sense, nothing should happen to you.

Currency, money and budget

100 THB (Thai Baht) is about € 2.40. With the major credit cards you can withdraw money anywhere. You can change money in hotels, banks or licensed retailers.

In 2021, the best credit cards are the VISA card the DKB bank(as an active customer) and the GenialCard the Hanseatic Bank. With these cards you can withdraw money from ATMs for free and pay on site without paying foreign fees abroad in foreign currencies!

My tip for one sustainable account is the Tomorrow Bank. I like to use this credit card in Germany and Europe (Apple Pay also works with it).

Is Thailand expensive?

It depends on your lifestyle how much budget you have to plan for each day. As a budget backpacker, you can get by very well with 20 euros. If you want a little more luxury and plan some activities, you can get by very well with 40-50 euros a day.

Bangkok is generally a little more expensive. During the main travel season, especially between Christmas and New Year's Eve, some accommodations can be twice as expensive.

Food at cookshops costs 1 -3 euros. In the restaurant you can go out to eat very well for just 5 euros. Water costs around 20 cents.

Should I book a package or travel on my own?

That depends on your travel style. I prefer to discover a country, explore as much as possible and spontaneously decide where I want to go or stay longer. In no other country is it as easy as in Thailand.

Package tours often bring vacationers to overcrowded tourist strongholds. If you are traveling individually, you can also explore less touristy corners. Try it out!

How is the food in Thailand?

The word has now got around to Germany: The Thai cuisine is fantastic. Excellent food at reasonable prices. Don't be afraid to eat at a street snack bar or a food stall, you will love it.

The only thing you shouldn't drink is tap water if you want to avoid stomach problems. I disregard advice such as "no ice in the drink" or not to eat fruit (just wash the fruit off before eating). If you have a sensitive stomach, you should definitely be careful.

If the Thai food becomes too much for you at some point, you will find spaghetti, hamburgers or pizza everywhere. The famous banana pancakes stands can also be found everywhere.

Important information:

If someone asks you while eating whether you want to eat “spicy”, then that has nothing to do with the European “spicy”. Be careful and slowly approach if you want to enjoy your delicious meal.

Telephoning and Internet in Thailand

You can find it almost everywhere in Thailand "Free WiFi", free internet. Even if you have to be patient at times as the connections can be slow.

If, like me, you are looking for accommodation 1-2 days earlier and book (or reserve), a Thai SIM card may be worthwhile. You can buy these directly at the airport, and often you can even get them for free as a promotion. In Thailand, you don't even have to identify yourself or show accommodation to get a SIM card. Everything is easy.

The three largest providers are 1-2 Call, DTAC and Truemove. I have a 1 2 Call Sim card. The network coverage is great and you can get credit in every 7Eleven.

Here I have a post about the best SIM card for Thailand

Do I have to book accommodation in advance?

You can find all types of accommodation in Thailand. You don't have to book in advance. You can have everything shown to you on site and stay where you like it best. Except during the main travel season around Christmas and New Year's Eve. The hot spots can be quite booked.

You can find accommodations at or

Do I need international health insurance?

International health insurance is always advisable. Plus, they really don't cost a lot. An accident with the scooter on a sandy road can easily happen, you injure yourself while diving or you just get sick.

I can recommend insurance with Europäische Reiseversicherung or with the World Nomads - A travel insurance company launched by long-term travelers because they know exactly what you need.

Do I need special vaccinations for Thailand?

A hepatitis A vaccination is recommended (preferably in combination with hepatitis B). In addition, the standard vaccinations against tetanus, polio and diphtheria. Malaria risk exists in some parts of the country.

You can find out more here: Federal Foreign Office Health Thailand.

I had never taken malaria prophylaxis for Thailand. You can find my first-aid kit checklist here (also to download and print out).

What should I take with me to Thailand?

The first time you go on a backpacking trip individually, you always take too much with you (I speak from experience). In Thailand you can have your laundry washed within 2-3 hours. Often even for less than 5 euros. That's why I recommend you take a look at my packing list. You can print them out and tick them off. So you don't forget the most important things and (hopefully) don't pack too much.

What are your questions for the first Thailand vacation? Ask me your question at the end of this article!

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