How can I publish cheap children's books

Have your own children's book printed and bound.

Would you like to become a children's book author?

If you are one of those people for whom reading aloud stories aloud in the evening, telling them a regular ritual before your children or grandchildren go to bed, you may well be predestined to become a successful children's book author.
Tell your story, whether true or made up, and add to it with pictures or graphics that you have painted yourself. Personalize the characters with the names of your grandchildren or children.
Adventures that you have experienced yourself and that you like to tell over and over again are more exciting than foreign adventures.

Surely you already have the numerous tips too Write and publish children's book Researched and taken to heart on the Internet, but you will find a few tips below which you as an author and self-publisher without a publisher connection should consider.

As a children's book author, you should keep an eye on your target group and decide whether you want to publish a picture book for the "youngest" or a youth novel for the older ones (aged 13 and over).
It is important to keep the age of the target group in mind and to provide the book with the appropriate amount of text and illustrations according to the age of the target group.

Formal requirements according to age groups:

  • Books for 3-7 year old children: Reading books & picture books usually 24 to 28 pages with a maximum of 10,000 characters including spaces (usually significantly fewer).
  • Books for 5-8 year old children: Reading books & first reading books with approx. 30 to 80 standard pages * of text.
    (Usually several stories with a length of 2 to a maximum of 4 standard pages).
  • Books for 8-12 year old children: Children's novels with approx. 100 to 300 standard pages * of text.
  • Books for children aged 13 and over: Young adult novels of a similar size to adult books.

    (* A standard page contains 1,500 to 1,800 characters including spaces)

You are still missing the right idea:
Take a look at other successful children's books, be inspired and fill your children's book with exciting, fascinating or funny content.

Design a picture book or children's book:
Your idea / story is in place, now you can start with the layout and structure.
Please pay attention to a simple, child-friendly structure, as well as a simple and understandable writing style.
Avoid chapters that are too long, the illustrations should be appealing and suitable for children.

A simple layout program such as MS-Word or OpenOffice is sufficient for the design / structure on the computer.
Determine the desired book size / layout, pay attention to the page spacing, font sizes and the resolution of the illustrations.

The team wishes you a lot of fun creating your children's books!

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