What is ionizer water

Is ionized water healthy or just a promotional myth?

There are different ways of treating water - one of them is the so-called. Ionizationwhich is said to have various positive effects on human health (including even curing cancer). What this is and whether there are actually positive effects is explained in this post.

What is ionized water or even superionized water?

Ionized water is produced by so-called water ionizers.

Ionization process

These treat water in such a way that the pH value of the water is increased and thus falls into the basic range - so-called. alkaline ionized water.

Salts are added to the water to enable a flow of electricity (principle of electrolysis). While acidic oxide water is produced at the positive electrode, the basic water is obtained at the negative electrode using energy [1].

Super-ionized water arises from an unspecified sacred dissociation. It is defined as water that has three more electrons in the outer electron shell of the water molecule. [2]

Manufacturers and devices

Devices that carry out this ionization process can be divided into two types:

  • Two-chamber ionizer: The water is located without pressure in two chambers, which are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. The positive electrode is in one chamber and the negative electrode in one.
  • Flow water ionizer: The water is fed into two separate chambers under pressure. [1]

The devices can also be differentiated according to the amount of water they ionize. There are devices similar to kettles that handle larger amounts, as well as sticks and water bottles that are supposed to ionize smaller amounts.

Devices for water ionization are apparently relatively common and normally available on Amazon [4]. There are devices from 200 euros up to several thousand euros from various manufacturers.

Health effects

According to the manufacturers, water that has been treated with an ionizing device should not be harmful and, in contrast to conventional water, avoid the development of diseases. This can neither be substantiated with extensive research results nor supplemented by further theoretical literature.

However, since there is no scientifically proven effect, all subsequent claimed miracle effects fall into the realm of fantasy. [2]

Alkaline ionized water is said to be able to counteract acidification of the body. Because anyone who drinks ionized basic (pH value changed) water should be able to lower the pH value in the body [1]. The absolute highlight namely superionized water should even have the following positive properties on health [2]:

  • Encapsulating harmful bacteria and microbes
  • Cleaning blood vessels
  • Increase in the level of oxygen in the blood
  • Conversion of blood lipids into harmless oil
  • Removal of organ blockages
  • Cure diabetes and cancer
  • Dissolution of kidney stones

To this day, health benefits have not been scientifically proven.

The criticisms: Why are ionizers controversial

Ionized water is a product that emerged mainly from alternative medicine and is particularly criticized by modern science in the field of chemistry and physiology.


There is no scientifically proven effect and the reasons for the supposedly positive effects are not completely comprehensible. Ionizers are also often sold through multi-level marketing systems. This means that the sale takes place through unannounced house calls and brings the sellers rich profits. This practice is rightly questioned [3].

Conclusion: Are there only disadvantages as a result?

Probably the biggest benefit of consuming ionized water is the so-called placebo effect. If you believe in the effects of water ionization, it may actually have positive health effects. However, it is disadvantageous that an actual effect as described has not yet been proven [3].

However, this is normal in alternative healing practice. Compared to water filtering, which brings added value through the clear and safe removal of pollutants, ionization seems to leave this doubt.

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