Capcom will release the RE3 remake demo

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Demo for PS4 and Xbox One for Download - Ending Trailer Revealed

As previously announced, Capcom has released a demo of "Resident Evil 3". It is called "Raccoon City Demo" and can be downloaded for free. Before you can dive into the remake, you first have to load 8 GB onto the console of your choice. We have linked the product entries below.

Download the demo

In contrast to the one shot demo for the remake of “Resident Evil 2”, you can play the version of “Resident Evil 3” as often as you want. Ultimately, your game fun extends over about 30 minutes in one run. The content is comparable to the press demo, but you will see a new opening sequence at the beginning. We don't want to spoil further details about the demo. Just so much: You can collect 20 Mr. Charlie statues.

The full version is also not too long in coming: The remake of “Resident Evil 3” will be available in Germany from April 3, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. After the launch, you will not only benefit from a single player experience. Multiplayer fans also get their money's worth. This game component is tested before the leek.

+++ Resident Evil 3 Remake: First details on the playful implementation of Carlos ‘scenario +++

The open beta phase of "Resident Evil Resistance" starts on Friday, March 27, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. You are offered an asymmetrical multiplayer experience in which a group of four survivors is faced with the task of escaping from an experiment that went wrong. Meanwhile, another player tries to prevent the players from escaping by skillfully manipulating the environment and traps.

Update: We have added a trailer to this message that can be viewed at the end of the demo.

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