How much time do charities spend fundraising

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Travel at Pentecost

You want to go on holiday over Pentecost, but you don't know where which regulations apply? Here you can find everything about quarantine, hotels and which tests you need.

What applies in my district?

May 20: Open restaurants, no curfew and shopping without deadlines - what's going where? Here you can find out whether the trip to the neighboring city is worthwhile.

The squad for the EM 2021

19.05: The team for the European Championship 2021 has been determined and there are some surprises! You can find out which guys want to win the European Championship this year here.

Corona easing before the weekend?

May 11th: Finally back in the beer garden at the weekend? That might even happen. So information about it, here.

The band members of Queen

Here you can find out the full story of Freddie Mercury and co.

Relaxation for vaccinated and convalescent - you have to know that

May 7th: From Saturday, vaccinated and convalescent people can look forward to relaxation.

25-year-old woman found dead in Backnang's apartment

May 05: Her partner is suspected of having killed her.

The richest musicians!

Brian May, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards - They are the richest musicians!

The corona rapid test centers in your region

April 29th: You want to be tested but you don't know where? You can find the test center in your region here!

A win in a class of its own!

THE NEW 107.7 says thank you

Big surprise for Madeleine from Baltmannsweiler

A cable car for Stuttgart

A cable car for Stuttgart? The city of Stuttgart commissioned a feasibility study in 2019. The route from Vaihingen to Möhringen is now being carefully examined.

The Euro 5 diesel driving ban applies on these roads

Anyone who owns a Euro 5 diesel has to live with new driving bans. You can find out why all this, which streets are still free and how it is controlled here.

Diesel driving bans in Stuttgart: you have to know that!

It's an eternal topic that most Stuttgarters are probably already hanging out of their ears. Many of them may have simply lost track of things or they simply don't feel like it anymore

That's what became of the biggest lottery winners!

The chances of winning the lottery are more than slim. Right now they are 1 in 140 million! But it does hit a few, and they can hardly believe their luck.

"Scary Goofy" replaces "Scary Momo"!

The horror account "Momo" becomes the horror account "Goofy". A new, dangerous chain letter that specifically addresses children and young people is going through the social networks.

All drive-in cinemas in the Stuttgart region

The drive-in cinema seemed almost extinct. But thanks to the corona pandemic, more and more drive-in cinemas are now opening around Stuttgart!