Was Einstein interested in Wuenschel rods?

Technology has been with me all my life: in my childhood, in my Abitur, with mine technical studies (Dipl.-Ing.Mechanical / Vehicle Technology at the Technical University of Munich) - my thinking has always been based on natural sciences.
During my studies I founded an IT system house, which I have been leading for almost 30 years.

When one of my infants developed neurodermatitis, my wife learned the kinesiology muscle test to find out which foods are causing deterioration and which are not. The kinesiology (a simple muscle test by means of which the body is "asked" whether something is causing blockages) did not fit into my worldview at that time and my previous experiences. So far everything was scientifically measurable and could be explained logically. And now?

But it worked: the neurodermatitis rashes and their intensity immediately improved drastically because we knew what our child can and cannot tolerate. Over time the eczema got better and I didn't think about it anymore.

One man's sorrow ...

A few years later, I had to take antibiotics many times myself. My health was completely upset. I have been to many doctors and many examinations, but no longer found "my center" in terms of health. So I started to look for myself and learned many new things in the field of alternative medicine (biofield test and therapy according to Dr. Schweitzer and again kinesiology). At first thought only for myself, I have since been able to help not only myself, but also my family very often.

Why dowsing?

On this way of learning I also discovered radiesthesia (dialect dowsing or dowsing), which then became my greatest passion and has never let go of me since.

That this knowledge was already used thousands of years ago, e.g. by the Egyptians, or that many churches (their altars or pulpits) and places of worship have always only been built in "good" places with positive effects (e.g. Wieskirche, Keltenschanzen, ...) has fascinated me ever since, so that I have been dealing with it every day for several years. Constant calibration is important to me: in numerous seminars and excursions I compare my measurements with those of other serious dowsers and constantly deepen and expand my knowledge and experience.

Improving sleeping places, detecting disturbances, looking for sources, examining building sites, ... these are all very exciting topics and I am happy to be able to help other people with them.

Because I have been dealing with computers for over 30 years, the topic of electrosmog is very important to me. There are many (and many simple) ways to protect yourself from this, starting with a shielded multiple socket with a switch-off button.

What is important to me: As an engineer, I am only interested in the purely factual side of dowsing.

There is still so much knowledge to discover from our ancestors and there are many exciting excursions and trips to special places, such as old churches and monasteries, former sacrificial sites such as Stonehenge or the labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral, where the colors of the Change windows on a single day of the year, on the day of the solstice ...

I am happy if I was able to inspire you for an exciting topic. Perhaps you will discover something worth knowing or interesting on this page or you would like to try it out yourself in my workshop?