Why should a person chew very loudly

Jaw-cracking: Dangerous health risk or harmless?

If it cracks and crunches while chewing, and those noises are not from the crunchy meal, it is often the jaw. Quite a few people have what is known as jaw cracking. For many, the sound itself is uncomfortable, but does it also pose a health risk? In the following, you will find out the causes, possible consequences and treatment methods for cracking jaws.

When the temporomandibular joint cracks

If noises such as cracking, clicking or crunching occur during movement and loading of the temporomandibular joint, one speaks of the jaw cracking or also the jaw joint cracking. It is also expressed by a dull pain in the area of ​​the joint and the ear. In some cases, there are also toothaches, problems opening the mouth and headaches. The headache and toothache in particular are more troublesome than the noise itself. Even if the jaw cracking only occurs while eating, the unwanted stress on the jaw can cause permanent discomfort.

Why is the jaw cracking?

The causes of jaw cracking are usually external influences and stresses, both physically and mentally. For example, teeth grinding, stress or an accident that causes a blow to the jaw are possible causes. But diseases such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis or misalignment of the spine can also cause jaw cracking. A lack of calcium and magnesium or a misaligned teeth are also potential causes. Due to the overloading of the temporomandibular joint, the cartilage sitting there and the surrounding muscles react with noises, usually with a cracking or crunching sound, which occurs mainly when eating. The whole thing is caused when the cartilage moves out of its normal position in and on the bone. Since the temporomandibular joint is right in front of the ear, the sound often seems quite loud. This constant poop can vary in intensity and frequency. It is not only uncomfortable for the person concerned, but can also be perceived by the other person.

Is Cracking Jaw Dangerous?

Joint cracking is usually not uncommon. For example, many people's fingers or knees crack during certain movements and loads. The cracking of the jaw is no different. If the cracking occurs only occasionally and does not otherwise cause any further discomfort, it is usually harmless, including the jaw. However, the cracking of the jaw can also lead to side effects, such as cramps and radiating pain, which those affected do not have to endure. In this case, a visit to the specialist makes sense in any case, because he can treat complaints relatively easily and provide relief for the patient.

How is jaw cracking treated?

The aim of a treatment is to bring the cartilage disc back to its intended place and to remove the unusual stress. Depending on the cause, the doctor will suggest a therapy tailored to this. As a rule, changes in behavior in order to minimize the stress on the joint are already very successful. Less chewing-intensive diet, stress reduction, heat treatments, pain relievers and physiotherapy are among the most effective measures. If a misaligned tooth is responsible for the jaw cracking, orthodontic treatment may be useful. When grinding your teeth at night, splints help relieve the strain on the joints. An operation of the temporomandibular joint is only necessary in very rare cases.

Strengthen the temporomandibular joint

If the TMJ muscles are well developed, the cartilage is less likely to move. To strengthen these muscles, there are various exercises that can be performed regularly as preventive measures. A doctor will be happy to explain these exercises in more detail. If the cracking of the jaw is permanently stressful and causes pain, a doctor should always be consulted in order to prevent possible health consequences. It should also be ensured that the cracking and pain are really caused by the temporomandibular joint.

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