How can I manage to be in love

That's how long it takes for him to fall in love with you

According to a study by Professor Stephanie Ortigue published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it only takes timea fifth of a second until a boy falls in love. This is due to the chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin or even adrenaline that our brain releases. We feel astrong feeling of euphoria.This mix ensures that he thinks of you and wants to see you again.

But in order for him to perceive you consciously, he must of course first become aware of you. Our tips will help you, because with these you are guaranteed to leave a good impression and strengthen your feelings. And don't worry, some guys just take a little longer to really notice a girl. Of course, you can also take the initiative yourself with the help of our tips and speak to him. This is sure to get his attention.

Appearance is not everything

If you think you have to look like Gigi Hadid in order for your dream guy to be interested in you, then you are completely, completely wrong. Sure is aneat appearance not unimportant and you shouldn't be walking around like you've just got out of bed. In the longer term, however, are factors such asRadiance, character and self-confidence much more important! Because just think about it: Would you want a friend who looks like a top model, but can't come up with a grammatically correct sentence, because of all the complexities, doesn't dare to kiss you or just can't laugh at the same thing as you?

Be self-confident!

Self-confidence starts withpostureat. Stand up straight, shoulders back, stomach in, chest out. And very important:Don't look down! Our brain is automatically programmed to look down when we feel bad. For example, when we are embarrassed, want to be alone or are sad. No matter what the situation: If you have the impulse to look down, force yourself to look upright at the world! You will see: you feel much more secure and stronger at the same time. And self-confidence just looks sexy!

Trust your gut feeling!

Don't hold back actions or remarks because you think they might go down badly with others. Most of the time, you'll only get angry about one afterwardsmissed opportunity, and are more dissatisfied than before. And: Usually yoursIntuition is a reliable guidelinewhat's good for you and what's not. So: trust your gut feeling! You feel better yourself, and those who dare to be themselves are also well received by others, especially boys.

Say your opinion!

Everyone likes nice, friendly people. But if you say "yes and amen" to everything and never your opinion because you are afraid that this will make you unpopular with others,your fellow human beings are slowly losing respect for you. If you can do everything with you, you will eventuallynot perceived as a strong personality. But exactly this onerespectis also an important basis for guys or the one to fall in love with you. Who wants a pretty robot with no opinion of its own?

Accept yourself!

Be happy about your appearance! Do you sometimes look in the mirror and only see your flaws? The buttocks a little too round, the stomach a little too well fed, and only then these tousled hair ... STOP!You're fine the way you are, and your less than perfect sides make you unique. The next time you look in the mirror, smile at yourself andenjoy your beautiful sides. How you see yourself, so do others. This means:When you are satisfied with yourself, you radiate that too. And that's exactly what guys and definitely a certain guy find totally attractive again.

Be independent!

Do what you want without worrying about what effect it has for others or whether HE likes it. Of course, you shouldn't suddenly become totally selfish and inconsiderate. ButFirst and foremost, your life should be about YOU, after all, you are the undisputed main character in it. And when you have your own head andsingle-mindedly pursue your plans, that is also attractive to guys. That said, you are guaranteed to feel a lot better pursuing your own interests than if you are always trying to please others.

Listen to him!

Let him talk about himself and be interested in it too! Nothing is worse than a neurotic chick who just gossips about herself. If you like him, everything should normally be you anywaypassionately interestedwhat is related to him. Therefore: listen to his stories, ask questions and show himthat you take him and his interests seriously and find it exciting! If you can give him one tooTouch of admiration signal for his actions, he just feels comfortable with you, and that's half the battle!