Is Moat Cailin easy to conquer

19 places from "Game of Thrones" where you can pass the time until the next season

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If only we could go there as fast as the show.

1. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Spain (Dragonstone).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: S. Robles / CC / Flickr: santi88fe

Walk in the footsteps of Dany, Jon and Co. on this breathtaking path in the Basque Country. Unfortunately there is no castle on the summit (but a cute little church!).

2. Itzurun Beach, Spain (Dragonstone Beach).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: Xavi / CC / Flickr: _persona_

The place that served as the backdrop for Dragonstone Beach is around 100 km east of the splendid footpath that leads up to the fortress in the series. And you won't find any white walker cave paintings there either - but the atmosphere there is majestically af.

3. Los Barruecos in Cáceres, Spain (location of the attack on the raid in the Reach).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: abel Hernández Macías / CC / Flickr: ahermac

This magnificent monument served as the backdrop for the raid on the foray in "Spoils of War". And somehow it's a good thing that you won't run into Drogon, Dothraki or burning Lannister soldiers during your visit.

4. Castillo de Trujillo in Cáceres, Spain (Casterly Rock).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: Jordi Escuer / CC / Flickr: paracon

You may not immediately recognize it from the heavy post-processing, but this 13th-century castle was the setting for the Lannisters' home.

5. Castillo de Almodóvar del Río in Cordoba, Spain (Highgarden).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: giborn_134 / CC / Flickr: 34228590 @ N04

The architecture of this beautiful medieval castle reflects Islamic and Christian history. It was built in the 8th century. On the show, she's the place where Olenna Tyrell Jaime and his sister dissed hard one last time.

6. The Royal Shipyards in Seville, Spain (the dungeons of the Red Keep).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: Sandra Vallaure / CC / Flickr: vallausa

According to game of Thrones- Director of Photography Robert McLachlan, this place is "a long line of art galleries that are open to the top." The footage had to be darkened to create a subterranean atmosphere. You will remember that the Red Keep dungeons are where Qyburn first showed Cersei Scorpion, the weapon designed to kill dragons. Jaime and Tyrion also have their "secret" meeting here.

7. The Alcazaba fortress of Almería in Spain (Dorne).

© Top: HBO / Bottom, ursubuga /

The fortress complex in southern Spain "can be seen from every part of the city and is the largest citadel that the Arabs built in Spain." If the sand snakes had stayed in this contemplative oasis ...

8. Zafra Castle in Guadalajara, Spain (Tower of Joy).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: Jorge Sánchez Salcedo / CC / Flickr: jsanchezdigital

This ancient castle is believed to have been built in the 12th or 13th century and is the only building in this area of ​​Spain for miles. You can get there by car via a dirt road from a village called Hombrados, which is a two and a half hour drive from Madrid. Like Ned Stark, reaching the Tower of Joy will not be easy ... but BOY, it's worth it!

9. Castell de Santa Florentina in Canet de Mar, Catalonia, Spain (Horn Hill, better known as the seat of the House of Tarly).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: castelldesantaflorentina /

This insanely beautiful castle is at game of Thrones the home of the Tarly family. It was built on the site of an old Roman house that was occupied by the nobility. You can also book them for weddings. And since Iron Bank won't help you out with a loan, you should start saving.

10. Girona Cathedral in Catalonia, Spain (The Great Sept of Baelor).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: Longster47 / CC / Flickr: longster

Girona is just over an hour's drive northeast of Barcelona. But something tells me that the effort is worth it because you will then be the location of one of the MOST EXPLOSIVE moments in the history of game of Thrones get to see live.

11. The Jesuit staircase in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Cersei's penance).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: cormac70 / CC / Flickr: lizandcormac

Located in the old town of Dubrovnik, these beautiful stairs were once the site of a not-so-beautiful event ... Cersei's legendary walk of penance. Don't forget to bring your own Bell of Shame if you plan to re-enact the scene (hopefully fully clothed?).

12. The Walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia (Walls of King's Landing).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: dyonis / CC / Flickr: dyonis

This popular sight of the old town of Dubrovnik runs uninterrupted for almost 2 km around the city. It has a long and impressive history. Get an ice cream, look over the ocean and talk shop about it the game and who will win or lose it.

13. The place Kaštel Gomilica in Dalmatia, Croatia (Braavos).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: Jonybrake / CC / Flickr: aitorgavi

The old city is located in the southern regions of Croatia. It's a great place to buy (sell) oysters and mussels or to learn no one to become - like our favorite Stark, Arya!

14. The Klis fortress in central Dalmatia, Croatia (Meereen).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: Arnie Papp / CC / Flickr: apapp

This medieval fortress is located in a small mountain village and was built in a stony mountain pass. From here you have a good view of the Adriatic! It is also where Daenerys crucified the old masters of Mereen to rule in their place.

15. The fortified village of Aït-Ben-Haddou in Morocco (Yunkai).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: See Jane Travel / CC / Flickr: 35852392 @ N07

This incredible location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been used as a location for films such as gladiator, The Mummy and Alexander. It is also one of the first cities in Slaver's Bay that Daenerys conquered and liberated ("Mhysa! Mhysa!").

16. Dunluce Castle in County Antrim, Northern Ireland (Iron Islands).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: Greg Clarke / CC / Flickr: leppre

This ruined castle was built around 1500. Even if they are yours Thrones-The equivalent of Pyke doesn't look exactly like it, it still looks mega impressive. And we bet there was a lot of Greyjoy-esque fighting going on here at some point as well.

17. Cairncastle in County Antrim, Northern Ireland (country north of Winterfell).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: nais80013 /

These magnificent hills served as the backdrop for two legendary scenes game of Thrones. First of all, fans will recognize the place as the place where Ned Stark beheaded the deserter of the Night's Watch in the first episode of the series. But the place also appeared again later, when Littlefinger brought Sansa to Moat Cailin (at the time the Bolton's seat).

18. Corbet Lough in County Down, Northern Ireland (Riverrun).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: s0ph1e_25 /

This little lake in Northern Ireland was home to Riverrun Castle. Even without the fortress in the background, it is a beautiful, peaceful place - especially because it is not besieged by a Lannister army.

19. Castle Ward in Strangford, County Down, Northern Ireland (Winterfell).

© Top: HBO, Bottom: aaronl31gh /

The mother of all dream destinations from game of ThronesFans. Home of the Starks and a reminder of happier times when they ... you know, EVERYONE was still alive! Castle Ward is a great place to have fun and once a year there is even a Winterfell Festival!

Oh, if you only had the time AND the money to visit all these wonderful places ...!

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