Will Shrek 5 be real

Refurbished: Reboots for "Shrek" & "Puss in Boots" are planned

Shrek 5 and Puss in Boots 2 have been bobbing around in development hell for a long, long time, now has Universal Pictures but decided - against a sequel and for a reboot of the common fantasy animation film universe! Puss in Boots has only been with the Netflix-Series Puss in Boots - Adventure in San Lorenzo continued while Shrek comes to at least four films.

Universal monitors the reboots together with Despicable Me-Producer Chris Meledandri, whose job is to find fresh stories to bring the lovable ogre and the duck-swinging house tiger closer to a new generation of moviegoers. What he doesn't want to do without are the original speakers like Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey) or Antonio Banderas (Puss in Boots) who contributed a lot to the characters popularity with their voices. So Meledandri would like to get this voice cast back together.

When you look back on these performances, you see how fantastic they are, he says. Certainly one could provide arguments for a complete reinvention, but he himself listens to his own nostalgic feelings, which pull him back to these characterizations. The challenge for the reboots of Shrek and Puss in Boots is finding something that doesn't seem like just another movie in a series of sequels, explains Meledandri.

He believes there is still a lot of fun to be had in this world. However, the bar is very high when it comes to finding a story that is worth telling. You want something that really feels different. And that's exactly what Meledandri is supposed to be looking for now.