What types of overvoltage are there

Structure and equivalent circuit diagrams of important network elements

Electrical energy supply pp 47-210 | Cite as

  • Klaus Heuck
  • Klaus-Dieter Dettmann


This chapter first describes the most important elements that make up a network. Transformers, converters, generators, overhead lines, cables, capacitors, inductors, switches and switchgear are examined in detail. The structure is only shown to the extent that it is necessary to understand how the respective element works. The models derived from this then analytically describe the relationship between the current and voltage ratios of interest. This makes it possible to determine the later system behavior of networks. Only basic considerations are made in this introduction. The stationary behavior is primarily explained. The models created only partially record transient processes.

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  • Klaus Heuck
  • Klaus-Dieter Dettmann

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