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30 things to avoid on social media

Social media is a great way to showcase your brand - but only if you get it right. Because there are some stumbling blocks that could turn this great opportunity into a nightmare. To counteract this, we have summarized 30 mistakes that you should avoid on the social platforms.

1. Pay attention to Facebook only

When you hear social media, you instinctively think of Facebook. Why not? 71 percent of adults use this platform. The problem: If you don't use Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, you may be missing out on your target audience. So stand up wide.

2. Risk cheating

Even if you should not only pay attention to Facebook, you must not overdo your presence. For example, if you reach your main target group on Twitter, you don't have to force Pinterest to do so. That only costs additional resources.

3. Talk about you only

Even if it's hard for a brand, don't just talk about yourself. Because you only annoy your users and they will soon be looking for other brands. Always remember that social media is first and foremost "social". So find other, interesting topics so that you attract the users.

4. Submit the posts rashly

Do you have a spontaneous idea for a post and want to publish it right away? Bad mistake. Because in the next moment you could already regret it. So always think twice before you post something.

5. Post hastily

As just mentioned, you should always think twice before posting anything. But if you put something online in a rush, you always have to ask yourself the following questions beforehand: Is the content legal? Are the sources trustworthy? Can the message be misunderstood?

6. Don't check the spelling

No matter how long the content you post, always check the spelling again. In times of autocorrection, content posted quickly can easily become a trap. Make sure you don't become the mockery of the internet.

7. Act unprofessionally

No matter how aggressive and insulting a user is towards you - always stay professional. As soon as you become abusive too, your reputation is forever gone. Don't let your emotions guide you.

8. Remain impersonal

Convince the audience of you. Make them feel like you are really human and not just a page on Facebook. Interact with the users and respond to them.

9. Hide from criticism

If users have suggestions for improvement or suggestions - don't hide from them. Deal with negative comments, these posts in particular can be worth their weight in gold. As the saying goes, “One learns from mistakes”, you can take a lot out of negative criticism for the future.

10. Don't listen

Closing your eyes and ears are knockout criteria. If users have questions, respond to them. Otherwise, they will feel neglected and run away.

11. Do not optimize the social media profile

If you are familiar with SEO, you should already be clear to yourself that your social media profile should be optimized. In other words, a complete profile includes titles, descriptions and URLs - otherwise you can easily be overlooked in search queries.

12. Forget social media buttons

You will hardly find a website that does not refer to its social media presence using social media buttons. So it would be fatal if you are one of the few who have not integrated social media buttons into their content. Because this means that every reader is referred to your appearance on Twitter and Co. That'll bring you extra likes and shared content.

13. Be too loose

As already mentioned, you should be professional. But first and foremost, social media means fun and entertaining, so find the right balance between professionalism and entertainment. Important: If you treat users too loosely, your brand will lose credibility - in the worst case it will only be ridiculed.

14. Content - but only from your website

Of course, you have to showcase your brand. But if you only offer content from your website, your appearance will be penetrating and not very entertaining. Look around the social media world and share content from other, authorized, people. A variety of content is important for users to keep following you.

15. Be inexperienced

Everyone starts small. This also applies to social media. Make sure that you quickly get to grips with the structures and familiarize yourself with them - this also applies to your team. Also important: keep in mind that your target audience may also include older people. So speak to everyone about their personal needs and choose the right language.

16. Generate too many followers at once

Your goal in the world of social media: generate as many followers as possible. But please not too many at once. There are people who promise you a bunch of new followers for little money. However, these tricks or hacks are quickly noticed. In the worst case, you will not be allowed to gain new fans on your own or your site will even be blocked.

17. Leave comments unattended

There are quite a few people on the Internet who want to make your life hell. Thanks to the anonymity of the internet, this can be done very quickly. But if you leave comments from such people unattended and unanswered, they will spread like weeds. So react - always professionally - to any kind of comments. This is the only way to stop a negative trend.

18. Hire a social media manager just because he's a tech ace

Basic technical knowledge is necessary - but as a social media manager you also have to be able to think outside the box. In certain cases, a marketing or communications expert would even be more advisable. These people often understand the concerns of the users better than someone who only focuses on the technology.

19. Trust only one person

You are optimally positioned when you have an entire social media team behind you. Different ideas and perspectives flow into the work. A person - no matter how good they are - may overlook potential that others consider important.

20. Don't know the difference between personal and business accounts

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ offer "normal" and business accounts. First of all, you should still have a personal account. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to test - but you should always check the content carefully. Only when you have gained enough experience should you set up a professional site.

21. Bad timing for scheduled posts

Scheduled posts are of course beneficial. You can lean back and the day planning goes on. But what if an unexpected event occurs and the content appears anyway? You can put yourself on the sidelines if you post an inappropriate post while unforeseen disasters happen in the "real world".

22. Create no added value

Every piece of content should bring something to the reader. So make sure that you create added value. This can take the form of vouchers or a small foretaste of a new product.

23. Underestimate the informative value of the data

What is the point of working on social media if you have no idea how well your campaigns are being received? So use tools like Buffer, Google Analytics or Moz Analytics to extract important data from your work.

24. Don't promote your profile

Even if you find it difficult to believe: not every one of your users will carry the good news out into the world that you or your brand are the be-all and end-all. You need to promote your profile. You can invest in ads for this, for example, so you will generate attention much faster.

25. Do not have a check and balance system

You should always be creative with your posts - but don't overdo it. For this I come back to a check and balance system. You need someone to look over your planned content again. Otherwise, it can easily happen that you post something that you like, but the majority resent it.

26. Be a curmudgeon

What do you prefer to read in your news feed? Congratulations, good news and nice pictures or is it rather the constant grumbling about the workplace? In general, positive news is more popular with users. So make sure that your content is posted with positive aspects.

27. Be inconsistent

Once you've figured out an optimal time to post your content, stick to that time. The users adjust to your messages. However, if you act inconsistently, they will be bitterly disappointed in you.

28. Missing out on authenticity

If you don't come across as authentic to your users, you'll soon be left alone. Because if you don't stay true to your line, they will doubt your opinion and trustworthiness. You will soon lose your status as an expert in certain areas.

29. Post without photos and videos

Photos and videos are so-called eye-catchers in the online world - also in social media. Photos and videos are shared faster than textual content. In addition, users give this content more than a miserably long text.

30. Overdo it with hashtags

Hashtags get you almost 50 percent more exposure on social networks, especially Twitter. However, you shouldn't overdo it. Some topics simply cannot be put into a hashtag. Especially with long titles with many words, adding hashtags without spaces seems almost ridiculous.

Source: www.searchenginejournal.com