How happy UPS drivers stay

It depends in which area you want to work. On the parcel tape for loading the transporter? Or empty containers? In the office?

You can put on warm clothes on the packaging tape. You will have to drink about 1-2 liters of water in 3 hours because you will sweat like a racehorse. You will have the feeling that your arms are dangling up to your calves.

Speak from the experience of a friend. I can't judge the rest.

Advantage: You'll sleep like a log at night and curse your alarm clock ~ smile ~
I was born a piglet, grew up a pig. So I can drive like a pig too.
I was born a piglet, grew up a pig. So I can drive like a pig too.
What doesn't kill you hardens you!
So, I was at UPS while I was studying.
Was in Munich, however.
The workflow was as follows: You come to work in the morning, the car is fully loaded.
You take a look at where you have to go (usually you always have to drive the same tour), get in the cart and drive off.
Corporate customers are not a problem, it is more difficult with private deliveries. Most of the time nobody is home and you have to try to get rid of the parcel in the neighborhood.
When everything is out, you collect new parcels from the companies.

It gets interesting at Christmas: many companies have special promotions and you will get a lot to do unexpectedly.

The working atmosphere is quite good, but a lot is expected from them. If you always do your 120% or more, that's not a problem, if not, then your boss will "motivate" you properly.

You don't normally need to unload your car, the poor guys on the assembly line do that.

At least that's how it was 10 years ago in Munich.

Have fun!
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Zacky how long did you work ??????? I heard about 10 hours is probably like that when the car is empty you have the end ...

How is it with the packers who have the toughest job ???

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So I'm currently driving at GLS, and I also know a few who drive at UPS .... Well, I don't know exactly how it works in Austria, but with us you will rarely get under 10 hours, rather you are on average at 12 hours during the day. With UPS you have the advantage that you don't have to load / unload yourself, unfortunately we have to do that ourselves :( The process is relatively simple, first your car is full and you make it empty piece by piece: D And when it is empty do you make it again piece by piece at the pick-up customers .... And believe me, it's not a piece of cake :( Doesn't go off like at KoQ: D Oh yes and on the subject of the toughest job, so you have that as a driver.
1. Because you do most of the lessons.
2. You have full responsibility for your packages, ie. should one be missing you will be asked to checkout.
3. The packers have finished work after packing, that is usually about 4 hours.

And now be happy as a parcel driver * fg *
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When it comes to the covenant, the wise yes no more ...
What would work with my prerequisites that would be 4 years and then ..... and then I'll be brought around the corner abroad ...

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Well look positive, then you've got it behind you: D
Just one example I started work at 5 this morning and was home this evening at 6:30 p.m. ... But it's better than nothing, you're right. You may still have the option to stay with the federal government. Let the time decide * g *
I would think twice about working with the packer and only 4 hours if I were you. You are only working for 4 hours and are only allowed to take a break to drink. With about 1 to 2 people you have about 40 minutes to empty a large container with packages. And I'll tell you one thing. You will hate these packages like the plague. Some of them have a volume of around 1 square meter and weigh only 3 kilos, on the other hand there are packages that are as big as a tampon pack and weigh almost 20 kilos. The packers only work 4 hours for a reason. It's shitty-hard work for which you get around 10 to 12 € gross, depending on the company. I doubt whether you can start as a driver straight away. At UPS Cologne you can occasionally drive as a spriger and then get started at some point. The "WHEN?" but nobody can tell you. So make sure you start out as a packer. Many don't even last a week.

In addition, work is carried out in 2 shifts. Morning shift from 4 a.m. and late shift from 10 p.m. I think.


I was born a piglet, grew up a pig. So I can drive like a pig too.
I was born a piglet, grew up a pig. So I can drive like a pig too.
no. there is an early shift and a late shift. You can only work one shift. Either early in the morning or late in the evening. So for the rest of your life to get up at 3 a.m. at 3:45 a.m. in the container; o) In the late shift, others work again. It is also very careful that nobody stands around stupid, you have to wear gloves for the 4 hours because otherwise you will tear your hands open on the parcel straps.

It's really tough.
I was born a piglet, grew up a pig. So I can drive like a pig too.