Are hanumanji and balaji the same or different?


"... The first German-language book was published by Springer Verlag that publicly addresses anger ..." Die Presse 8.9.2008

"... An exciting examination of the subject of quick anger and a multi-faceted walk through the cultural history of quick anger ... the book deals with an interesting and not unimportant topic, and the author gives numerous helpful hints for understanding quick anger and how to deal with it therapeutically. " Balint-Journal June 23, 2008

"... Itten knows exactly what he is writing about, has made many surveys and made interesting statements ..." Kurier June 16, 2008

"... Itten's book reads ... very interesting, is written lively and full of information about people who are known from literature or cultural history." Psychology today 6/2008

"... Theodor Itten ... wrote the first German-language book on the subject of anger." Brigitte No. 13, 4.6.2008

"... Theodor Itten, psychotherapist and author, has dealt with the irascible anger both in terms of writing and therapy ..." Die Presse April 19, 2008

"..." Your own self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-responsibility are nourished by the truth of your feelings, "is how the Swiss psychologist Theodor Itten formulates in his recently published brilliant book" Jähzorn "..." Wiener Zeitung 04/04/2008

"... individual case studies provide new socio-psychological and psychotherapeutic insights as well as concrete impulses for psychotherapists, doctors, educators and other helping professions. With this book, iranity is made a topic for the first time in German-speaking countries ..." Salzburger Nachrichten 2.2.2008

"... recommendable reading ..." Deutschlandradio Kultur January 21, 2008

"..." Jähzorn "is the first ever German-language book on the subject and was published by the renowned Viennese Springer Verlag." Strings 11/2007

"... The Swiss psychotherapist Theodor Itten shows ... the positive and negative aspects of anger at ..." 11/15/2007

"... In his book" Jähzorn "Theodor Itten gives psychotherapeutic answers to this unpredictable feeling ..." St. Galler Tagblatt October 27, 2007