What does your picture frame look like

Which frame fits which picture?

Before deciding on a specific model when buying a picture frame, it is important that you know your picture. Because if you understand the picture to be framed, you can get the best out of it with the right framing. In the following, we will reveal which points play an important role and show you a selection of the most beautiful picture frames for a wide variety of pictures.

You can find out which frame goes with which picture below.

Important in advance

First, make sure you understand what effect you want to achieve. Do you want your framed picture to be eye-catching? Should it blend in with the interior design or stand out from it? Do you prefer it classic or is a modern look important to you? If you don't have the answers to these questions spontaneously, that's no problem - because we will help you to understand your picture exactly.

Find the right picture frame

When you are looking for the right picture frame, the coloring of your picture plays the decisive role. In the following, we will explain to you which frame goes well with colorful pictures, black-and-white photographs, sepia and a wide variety of graphics.

Which frame goes well with colorful pictures?

Regardless of whether you want to frame colorful photos, your children's colored pencil drawings or watercolors: You should pay attention to the coloring of the picture and match the frame accordingly. Because this is the only way that the frame underlines the picture meaningfully. To keep your frame from clinging to your picture, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Soft coloring

  • Would you like to frame a color picture whose Colors not very intense you can emphasize them all the better when you join one light shade for your frame If your picture shows a field, for example below, so that very light and warm tones in yellow and green dominate, it is advisable to choose a light frame. You can do this yourself based on the available colors or a frame in the appropriate Complementary color choose. Because these color combinations emphasize each other particularly well and make each other shine: Yellow & purple // Red Green // Blue & orange. In the example below, the image has a strong green cast, which is why it makes sense here to align the frame with the complementary color red, whereby the saturation is not too strong. A light shade of pink is therefore ideal, as it also corresponds to the flowers in the picture and thus emphasizes them.
  • With a particularly soft color, always make sure that the Frame color not too strong is, as in the second example image: The red-brown frame has a very intense color, which makes the actual image much more faded and faded into the background. In addition, the strong color intensity of the frame makes the picture almost as if it were covered by a gray veil. In such a case are light pastel tones or soft and neutral natural colors are always a good choice.
If the color tones in the picture are very soft, you should choose light colors for the frame so that it does not distract from the picture.

Strong coloring

At particularly bright picture colors you have several options:

  • Either you use a more simple frame (i.e. in black, white or completely frameless) to let the image colors work alone.
  • Or you are based on the colors in the picture and choose the frame color based on that. Even then, it is good to use the complementary colors as a guide. If you are looking for a frame in a strong complementary color decide, we advise you to tend to thin stripsso that the frame is not in focus, but the framed picture. Alternatively, you can darker color levels with lower saturation
  • A last possibility, which almost always has good effects, is to adhere to the colors in the picture. In the example below, the dominant colors are pink or pink and azure blue. In this example you stay within the given color spectrum with a light blue frame, without distracting from the picture and to create more shades of blue to counterbalance pink. If, on the other hand, you want to emphasize the pure azure blue, it is good in this case to also choose a pink frame. Because so the azure blue of the picture stands out all the more.
In the case of particularly colorful pictures, it is best to use the colors in the picture as a guide and think about what you want to emphasize.

Be safe with colorful pictures

Is your picture basically colorful, always play it safe when you are simple and honest neutral frame choose. It does not matter whether it has very intense colors or shows softer and faded tones. Because that's how you manage that Frame in no way in competition with the picture steps and frames it appropriately. Suitable colors for this are black, white or light wood tones.

Which frame fits black and white pictures?

In black-and-white images, the lack of color in particular means that there are contrasts between light and dark areas. You can emphasize contrasts by using a very dark frame. Because a dark frame intensifies theDepth effect of the picture. That means: All dark areas stand out more strongly from the light picture areas. The thicker the frame strips are there the stronger the effect.

The best way to emphasize the contrasts of a picture is to use a dark frame. On the other hand, you can weaken them with a particularly bright frame.

On the other hand, would you prefer the Emphasize bright areas of your picture, you'd better grab one bright frame, because here the opposite effect is achieved: With it, the bright areas of the picture stand out more strongly.

But be careful: If your picture is basically very dark or very light, the corresponding frame can only change the effect of the picture to a limited extent. Because with very dark pictures differ very bright frames too much so that The image is then all the darker works. In such a case it is better not to use a white frame, but to soften it upgray or cream colored gradations from.

Which frame goes with Sepia?

For sepia pictures, neutral tones are ideal for the picture frame. Because especially bright and colorful picture frames create too strong a contrast and distract from the picture itself.

Sepia pictures work in a similar way to black and white pictures, with the difference that sepia is not gray, but rather brownish-yellowish shades of color shows. You should therefore use one for pictures in sepia Frame in the color spectrum between black and medium cream tones and opt for emphasizing or weakening contrasts on the the above rules for black and white images orientate.

Which frame goes with graphics?

With graphics it is important to note whether the images are colored or colorful. Because based on that, you can different frame types deploy.

Drawings in black and white

For black and white drawings, frames in gold and copper look particularly good.

For simple charcoal or pencil drawings are Metal frame with a warm color scheme (Gold and copper tones) ideal. Because the neutral colors of the drawing (usually white and black) complement it particularly beautifully and also catch the lightso that the drawing in the middle is emphasized even more beautifully. You should only note that too thick frame strips of very simple drawings can distract. Thin to medium-thick ridges are therefore more suitable.

Here is a selection of our most beautiful picture frames in fine gold tones:

Modern graphics

Is your favorite picture a colorful graphic, for example a Concert poster or a Typography poster, it is best to use the color scheme as a guide and apply the tips mentioned above in the relevant section.

For very minimalist posters in black, gray or white tones, it is best to choose one of these three colors for your frame.

At very minimalist graphics but you should do without golden baroque frames. Because they bite with designs that are too simple and create an imbalance. Also lovely frame in vintage or shabby chic look create one inconsistent impression. Then keep it modern with one simple wooden, plastic or aluminum frames With thin frame strips. Frameless frames are also a good option in this case. Here are a few examples of suitable picture frames for minimalist designs:

The following applies to our tips: It's just about Guidelines. This means that you can use them as a guide and thus be sure that no disagreements arise between picture and frame. Nevertheless, great effects can often be achieved if you deviate from the rules and something experiment. Therefore, you can take the above advice seriously, but you can too just trywhat your personal taste most corresponds.

The most important questions summarized

Which frame goes well with colorful pictures?

If you have a picture in warm colors, a light frame is recommended. Use the available colors as a guide or choose a frame in a complementary color. The frame color should not be too strong, so as not to distract from the subject.

Which frame fits black and white pictures?

If you want to emphasize the dark areas in the black and white picture, use a dark frame, whereby you increase the effect with the frame thickness. If you want to emphasize the light areas, use a light frame color, such as white or light gray tones.

Which frame goes with Sepia?

For sepia pictures, choose a frame in the color spectrum between black and medium cream tones.

Which frame goes with graphics?

Different picture frames are suitable depending on the graphic. For a pencil drawing, choose a metal frame with a warm color scheme. For colorful graphics, use the included colors as a guide and then select the frame.

The right frame for your picture

As soon as you know how to properly stage your favorite picture, you can rely on the Picture frame search go: Im Frame mailing online shop you will find a large selection of classic, modern or eye-catching picture frames in the different formats, colors and materials. There is also the possibility of a cost-effective customization - both for the right one Picture Frame as well as for a high quality passe-partout.

A picture frame is for that wallto which it is attached, a kind styling. Therefore, the frame should also be chosen appropriately here. This can be harmonious and calm, or it can also be rich in contrast and eye-catching. You can find out how to best implement this in our article "Put picture frames in the limelight".

We also offer you a Instructions for perfect framingthat tells you all the steps that need to be taken to create a perfectly framed picture - including detailed explanations. You can find out how to attach your picture to the wall in our article "How to hang: How to hang picture frames correctly".

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