How can I type super fast

Typing coach

The school version of the typing trainer developed by us is ideal for use in school lessons. Individual accounts of the students give the teachers information about the learning progress and enable learning control.

So that children of all ages can learn to write keys with fun and joy, there is the option of choosing between "Calli Clever in the animal world" or "Calli Clever with the superheroes".

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Learning to type with Calli Clever is fun and easy. You will find your way around immediately and can start writing training without any detours. Intelligent exercise lessons and useful assistance allow you to learn the ten-finger system very quickly and efficiently.

Dear parents, support your child in learning this important skill. The typing trainer developed by educators is ideal for training efficiently and significantly increasing typing speed. So your child can finally work relaxed on the computer.

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The writing trainer with Calli Clever is ideal for the whole family. Children from 7 years of age, adolescents and adults can learn the 10-finger system quickly and efficiently. Every family member can see their own progress at a glance at their account.

Digitization has also reached families and it is more important than ever to master the 10-finger system at all ages. Collecting the Gruschus encourages a family competition that is great fun for everyone involved.

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