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I think with such a super story I'll start with the story of the actual Hulk first:

So after a movie like that, I wonder what if genetic engineering is so advanced that it could produce a real Hulk, it would be great as an elite soldier. But does the Hulk really exist? Of course not, unfortunately, it's actually a Marvel Comics invention. It was in 1962 that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby published the story. You know the story anyway, and then later in the 90s or so there was a gray Hulk, and in a lot of comics he was from poison green, ocher, grass green, to green and beige tones, so everything, but he is and remains green.

If you were to look at the whole thing scientifically, you would have to write: The pilot volume tells how Dr. Bruce Banner is assassinated while trying to save the young Rick Jones from the test site of his "gamma bomb" and absorbs a huge dose of gamma radiation. In this issue, Hulk's skin is still gray, a decision by Stan Lee, who did not want to make him part of any ethnic group. It was only colorist Stan Goldberg that insisted on a change in this regard, because the coloring technique could not clearly and consistently represent the color gray at the time, which led to different shades of gray and even green in the output. For example, Goldberg received the approval for all subsequent volumes to dye Hulk's skin green. New editions and stories about its origins always show a green Hulk for the next two decades, only issue # 324 in 1986 revealed that the Hulk was gray at the time of its creation. Curiously, Iron Man, another Marvel character from the early 1960s, also had a gray tint in its first issue (Tales of Suspense, Issue # 39) and was given a new color just one issue later, in this case gold. The figure of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner after he was incorrectly referred to as "Bob Banner" by authors of the comic book series Die Fantastischen Vier (Issue # 25, April 1964). When the mistake was admitted three editions later, the name was simply changed to Robert Bruce Banner. The appearance of Hulk was initially based heavily on the makeup of Boris Karloff in the film Frankenstein (1931) and his successors. However, under the impression of modern bodybuilding, the figure became more and more muscular. The remains of the clothing also varied. At first, Hulk wore a kind of huge jacket next to his broken pants.

At some point there was a Savage Hulk, it was planned to let Betty Banner die, then there were many authors who took turns, Hulk went mute but could talk again. The gray Hulk is called Mr. Fixit, I think. Oh yes, I also thought it was cool with the entire change of illustrators that the stories also alternated, from 1986 the childhood of Bruce Banner came along. Hulk's existence has been retrospectively explained as a late sequel to child abuse and dissociative identity disorder and abuse

What has always surprised me, the Gray Hulk can lift 75 tons, the Savage Hulk 100 tons, why actually? I don't know, why can't the Hulk lift 1,000 tons? Oh yes, the Savage Hulk, that's the famous green Hulk who is always angry. By the way, the Gray Hulk is the enemy of the Hulk. The Gray Hulk, also known as the Gray Hulk, worked for a while as a Las Vegas Enforcer by the name of Joe Fixit and has no moral concerns when it comes to B. is about manipulating others. I think they made 2 Hulks because they were bland. And there's a merged Hulk, that's Bruce Banner's connection with the green Hulk and the evil Hulk, the gray one. Also a kind of identity of a banner, yes his name is The Professor in the comics. Incidentally, he is a member of a group of superheroes called the Pantheon. Then there is the Devil Hulk. One of the Hulk's enemies. Bruce Banner's evil me. Yes, and there is a Mindless Hulk. So a lot of banner personality disorders and Hulk mergers make a lot of other Hulk types, which is actually stupid in my opinion. And yes he has friends too.

Bruce Banner's cousin is Jennifer Walters and was turned into a horny She Hulk through a blood transfusion, then Rick Jones, a teen who is also a friend of his. Jim Wilson, an AIDS patient who then died, Leonard Samson is the psychologist of the Hulk, so he wants to free Banner, Betty Ross, his great love, Jarella a horny friend from another planet Alien and Dead, Wolverine, Warbound, Sentry, The thing, its friends, and yes, Marlo Chandler, Rick Jones' girlfriend.

He fought in the film against Abomination as in the comic, the toughest opponent, and he killed Betty, then the absorbing man, who is an opponent of Thor, can absorb everything, Bi Beast, Blastaar, is an enemy of the fantastic four. The leader, a guy with a giant head, tyrannus, the master - a future Evil Hulk, such a vision, then the red king, that's the king of the planet Sakaar, General John Ryker, the idiot who wants to kill the Hulk, the father of Betty Ross, a pig like in the movie, Glenn Talbot, Betty Ross's ex-husband, Wendigo, yes he is also an enemy of the Hulk, is a cannibal, and Zzzax, an electronic villain, yes and whatever else is there , I don't know, there were enough monsters.

Oh yes, so far there have been seven real-life adaptations of the comic. They are from 1977 (two films), 1978, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2003 and 2008. In addition, there are several series - both as a live film and as an animation.

Yes and I almost forgot the plot:

So Bruce Banner is hiding in the favelas of Rio, works in a beverage factory, is learning martial arts and meditation and has not had an incident with the metamorphosis in 158 days, we do not find out more and through an accident his blood reaches America via a bottle where whoever gets sick, it's Stan Lee in the film, and then the military chases him down.

Then there is a scientist with whom he tries to break the curse, to find a means. You are connected via wireless lan, thanks to a notebook, but you can find out from the military, Bruce escapes, finds Betty Ross, hides, is discovered and Betty learns that he is the Hulk.

Oh yes, Bruce in the USA meets SAMUEL STERN, his computer friend, BRUCE BANNER (Edward Norton) is hunted by General ROSS (William Hurt), and KGB spy BLONSKY (Tim Roth), who later becomes Abomination, is also chasing him Hulk.

So let's get back to the movie:

The US $ 125 million budget turned into US $ 150 million, actually not a success, yes that is clear because the film does not have such a sophisticated script as Part 1, but is also not as boring and lengthy as Part 1. Liv Tyler die married before has now been in divorce, which is good, I'll write afterwards then played a Betty Ross in the film who was very different from part 1, and the whole prehistory was also changed a bit, which I'm not exactly happy about was, but it doesn't matter a popcorn movie.

The end, after the credits or during, yes you stay seated, I think that's stupid, and even if the cast is great, the kick is simply missing, as in part 1. Fortunately, the monster is not as huge as in part 1, The transformation is great, 1 or 2 times damn cheesy and unrealistic, the mystique is missing, the action is great and subscription is just great, the fight shortened because the rental company released FSK 12 and 16, which I thought was stupid.

To put it simply, you could say that the dialogues in an action film like this are a bit simpler anyway, but Liv Tyler and Edward Norton have to let their bodies do the talking. But in my opinion they don't do enough, because the facial expressions could be shown more strongly, the facial features, yes and you don't even see a naked Liv Tyler, meanness actually. The character actor plays brilliantly, interprets Bruce / Hulk as lonely and vulnerable 'reluctant heroes' and Liv Tyler, the daughter of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler and Playboy bunny Bebe Buell, who is your mother, is a great cast.

What bothered me, Tim Roth, who is becoming an Abomination, he never looks like a top Russian spy, he got off the plane, I thought, hey, that's a Turkish greengrocer or a vacuum cleaner salesman for the Dyson company . Really bad. He's small, he doesn't look good, he is not muscular, he can briefly prove his abilities as a person, he is crazy, plays well but is too exaggerated just like William Hurt as a father, where I never saw why the one actually against Hulk, he helped.

I really liked Bruce Banner's training in Brazil, where he was, or what do I know, the jumps against Part 1 were much smaller, the monster less poisonous green, the dialogues very little and the opportunity for development wasn't necessarily there.

What I find funny about Edward Norton: Two years ago, Ed Norton criticized the fact that stars who already made millions received gifts worth several hundred thousand dollars at the big awards shows. The American tax authorities took up the comment and arranged for gift baskets to be taxed practically overnight. This troublemaker's action made many Hollywood stars green with anger. But Mr. Norton doesn't want to deal with the color green these days.

What I found stupid, Hulk in the cave with Betty Ross, he's afraid of thunderstorms, yells with such a big mouth that keeps getting bigger, which I find anatomically stupid, and Betty calms him down, like King Kong in green, I thought stupid. What still bothers me about the film is that Edward Norton doesn't give much as Bruce Banner, the character drawing wasn't there, you can only see the super beautiful hair of Betty Ross, and nothing more precise at all, William Hurt as your father has few motives, there was part 1 better and more meaningful, and yes I was missing something, not the action that only came at the end, but also the pity for Hulk, the tension, that is unfortunately missing.

What also bothered me, not the bar fight at the end, it was really good, I love knocking out and the story wasn't all that abnormal, but also exciting, but why did Liv Tyler only say general to her father?

You can also say something about the cuts:

The director has meanwhile also expressed himself in an interview on the website and played down the argument with Norton and also speaks of more than 70 minutes of additional scenes that did not make it into the theatrical version. In addition to plot extensions that create a clearer connection to the predecessor, these scenes are also action scenes, for example. Some scenes were already shown in the trailers, but do not make it into the finished theatrical version. Among these scenes there is also said to be an appearance by the Marvel comic book hero "Captain America", which, however, was quickly denied by the producer Gale Anne Hurd; it is not about the person "Captain America", but just a serum that gives Tim Roth his powers in the film.

This is also written by the official side:

When it comes to money, fun ends in the film industry. The latest example now provides a green monster of all things. In order to attract more viewers to the cinemas, the American production company Marvel and its German distributor, Concorde, are presenting a cut version of the action blast "The Incredible Hulk" in the cinemas. Previously, the FSK refused to release the uncut film from the age of 12. In a statement by the distributor: "It was only in the fourth submission that the FSK agreed to give a cut version the age rating of 12 and over. This version is currently being shown in many German cinemas. To be able to offer a version of 12, was also the express wish of many cinema operators who were addressed by us in advance about this problem. "

My opinion and some more information:

5 years after part 1, I think I liked the color of the old Hulk better, they reminded me of comics, it was a bit too realistic for me. William Hurt and son are fans of the Hulk. The director Louis Leterrier who made the Transporter films partially shot with a broken foot. And from the old series about the Hulk, Bill Bixby has a short TV appearance in the film and Lou Ferrigno can be seen as a cop, where Bruce Banner wants to go through the lock and hand him a pizza. And if in the movie Betty the Hulk buys purple pants that don't stretch too much, in the comic it is so that he always had them, but why do they stretch their shorts so much? By the way, the guy who drank the bottle where Bruce Banner's blood was in is Stan Lee. The final battle was filmed with 37 cameras. And whoever takes care of William Hurt becomes a Captain Ahab, who then chases Moby Dick, unlike in the comic book. Yes, and partly as a reference to Hulk, the film is partly light with a green cast.

Yes what can I say about the film. In the comic, the angry Hulk gets bigger and stronger, in the film he is always 2.50 meters tall, Norton has no way of developing an important plot, just like the other characters, William Hurt imitates Sam Elliott far too much, the plot is closed in short, the 110 minutes of film go by too quickly, the final fight should have been better and not cut, and I love Hulk and the whole subject, just great.

Still, I like Hulk and I give it 85 out of 100 points.

Tuvok29.7.08 19:16

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