What software do travel agencies use

Software for travel agencies and tour operators

Our mid and back office system offers you extensive functions that have been specially developed for the needs of the tourism and travel industry.

You and your employees can also gain more time for your customers by working faster and more effectively!

Customer management - highlights:
  • Create for your clients any advertising flags, blocks and categories.
    • Use this as a Selection criteria e.g. when carrying out an extensive search or when carrying out your advertising measures.
  • The automatic customer import from Internet inquiries saves you the time-consuming typing work when creating new customers.
Process management - highlights:
  • Flexible bundling of the itinerary from one unlimited number of service modules.
  • easyTRAVEL has special service modules for hotels and flights.
  • You can do this yourself individual service modules invest
    e.g. for RRV, rental cars, tickets, excursions, tours.
  • Automatic calculation of hotel prices and commissions.
Document management - highlights:
  • You can use the flexible document management create any number of templates and have it automatically filled with your customer and process data.
  • You can use your filled templates:
    • print directly
    • edit in the comfortable text editor
    • or simply save it as a PDF file (ideal for sending documents by email)
further highlights:
  • Individual hotel data Keep your master data clear for categories, room types, room locations, meals and transfers!
  • With the comprehensive full-text search you can find customers, service providers and processes quickly and easily across all entered data.
  • Practical advertising management.
  • Automatic generation of arrival lists at the push of a button.
The simple and accessible operating concept with Quick filter function for all selection lists and drop-down fields, guarantees you and your employees short training times and effective work when creating and managing your data.

Experience in detail in our extensive and illustrated easyTRAVEL tour which functions software offers you.