Is schema therapy effective in BPD?

Schema TherapyRecognize and deal with negative behavioral patterns

Jeffrey Young's goal was to finally be able to help difficult-to-treat patients with chronic depression or borderline personality disorder with schema therapy.


For this purpose, the patients are first made aware of the negative patterns of experience and behavior that they had to experience in their childhood as well as in the further course of their lives. Then, in the course of schema therapy, they are changed in such a way that those affected can better regulate (control) their feelings and behaviors and meet their emotional needs in a normal way. As a result, their psychological stress or symptoms are sustainably - long-term - reduced.


“Schema therapy is based on the methodology of cognitive behavioral therapy and expands it to include experience and action-oriented approaches (Max Planck Society)”.

A particularly important element of therapy is the conscious design of the relationship between therapist and patient.


Our teams of therapists use various methods of cognitive behavioral therapy for schema therapy. In addition, there are other elements of psychodynamic concepts and other proven therapy methods:

  • Transaction analysis (communication components are transferred and analyzed in order to be able to draw conclusions about psychological processes in people)
  • Hypnotherapy (hypnosis, trance, suggestion)
  • Gestalt therapy (Gestalt therapy sees people as a unity of body, soul and spirit and supports them in regaining their wholeness)