What is full spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD oil - differences to gold or pure CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil: how it differs from golden oil or pure CBD oil

The difference between a full spectrum CBD oil, a gold oil or a "pure CBD oil" is differentiated in the composition of the cannabinoids and the pharmaceutical properties. While a full spectrum CBD oil, the hemp extract mixture in its natural form, is the golden oil, the decarboxylated variant. And a so-called pure cannabidiol-containing oil is a monopreparation that only contains the active ingredient cannabidiol. In contrast to the full spectrum CBD oil, the golden CBD oil is subjected to a further work step. The so-called decarboxylation is a heating process that converts the cannabinoid precursors into the more effective pure substances such as CBD and THC.

Full spectrum CBD oil: The full spectrum makes the difference:

Hemp flowers are extracted using a complex Co2 extraction. What remains is a thick hemp extract, which mostly still contains too much THC and THCa to be sold as a legal full-spectrum CBD oil / extract. It is mixed with a carrier oil in order to achieve the THC limit of 0.2% prescribed by law.

As the word full spectrum CBD oil suggests, it contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and plant substances. So not just the well-known cannabinoids, such as CBD and traces of THC. But also lesser known ones such as CBN and CBG. And above all, the precursors of the cannabinoids, which are predominantly found in the original plant.

  • The precursor to CBD is, for example, CBDa. The main cannabinoids in the full spectrum CBD oil
  • THCa, on the other hand, is the precursor of the well-known THC.
  • For example, CBGa and CBNa would be the precursors of CBG and CBN.

The advantage of a full spectrum CBD oil is that the full spectrum, i.e. the most diverse cannabinoids, interact with each other and complement each other in a specific manner. This is how CBDa interacts with CBD and increases its bio availability. Because each cannabinoid gives off a differentiated effect, the full spectrum of cannabinoids potentiates the entire spectrum of effects.

With a full spectrum CBD oil, more problems can be tackled with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and plant ingredients than with pure CBD oil. The so-called "pure CBD oil" is in fact a monopreparation. Because the pure CBD oil focuses on one main active ingredient. Cannabidiol.

Benefits of a full spectrum CBD oil:

  • Full spectrum of valuable cannabinoids
  • Contains many other important plant substances, such as terpenes, bitter substances and co
  • Creates a diverse entourage effect
  • A full spectrum CBD oil is a natural product that does not require any enrichments or additives
  • Diverse and wide-ranging effects on the organism

Cons of a full spectrum CBD oil

  • Bitter taste
  • Contains less of the pure substances

Pure CBD Oil - Reduced effectiveness due to a single, chemically produced CBD active ingredient

To take it right in front. You will not find “pure CBD oil” in our range. Because it is a chemically produced CBD oil, which, in contrast to the full spectrum CBD oil, does not meet our view and criteria of how a qualitative CBD oil should be. But at first glance, it looks very different at first. Without having familiarized yourself with the topic, you could be enthusiastic about the "pure CBD oil" advertising scheme. Because it contains significantly more CBD than a full-spectrum CBD oil. A few years ago it was still assumed that the more CBD in the oil, the better. A simple formula, but it has been proven to be incorrect. Because a pure CBD oil may contain a particularly large amount of the pure substance active ingredient cannabidiol, in relation to a full spectrum CBD oil, but no other cannabinoids and plant substances. But it is precisely those that make a full-spectrum CBD oil so special. Because they achieve the so-called entourage effect in the interaction. The entourage effect states that important plant substances such as terpenes and bitter substances interact with the cannabinoids. This process gives off an optimized and more diverse effect.

Pure CBD oil is a monopreparation that only concentrates on the pure substance cannabidiol. Monopreparations generally have a reduced effect. They were isolated chemically and, for example, bitter plant substances dissolved in order to create a pharmaceutical preparation. Which may not taste bitter, but compared to a full spectrum CBD oil, it doesn't have much in common with a high-quality natural product.

Benefits of a pure CBD oil:

  • Contains a lot of CBD
  • Doesn't taste bitter

Cons of a pure CBD oil

  • The oil focuses on a single herbal ingredient that is not as effective in isolation as compared to a full spectrum CBD oil or gold oil.
  • Does not contain any other cannabinoids
  • Does not contain any other hemp plant ingredients
  • There is no entourage effect
  • Monopreparations generally give a reduced effect
  • Often more expensive than a full spectrum CBD oil or gold oil, although it does not have any significant advantages.

Golden CBD oil: It mimics a pure CBD oil, only significantly better

CBD Oil Gold is a further processing of a hemp extract with a full spectrum. Strictly speaking, the CBD Oil Gold is of course not an imitation of an isolated CBD oil. Because it wasn't made chemically. But it mimics the only beneficial properties of a pure CBD oil. Which could be interesting for many users. In contrast to the isolate, the golden oil is not isolated, but only subjected to a heating and cleaning process that reduces bitter-tasting plant substances and converts the precursors into the more effective pure substances. This means that due to the so-called decarboxylation / heating, the gold oil contains more CBD than a full-spectrum CBD oil. At the same time, in contrast to "pure oil", it also contains other plant substances, such as terpenes and other cannabinoids. Such as: CBG, CBN, CBC and traces of THC. The interaction of the entourage effect also has an effect here.

Benefits of a golden / decarboxylated CBD oil:

  • It tastes less bitter
  • It contains more CBD than a full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Contains some pure substances such as CBD, CBN, CBG and THC
  • Contains important plant substances such as terpenes
  • Creates the entourage effect
  • Like the full spectrum CBD oil, a golden oil is naturally produced

Cons of onegolden / decarboxylated CBD oil

  • It does not contain any cannabinoid precursors
  • Plant substances are lost to a limited extent through decarboxylation
  • Decarboxylated gold oils are more complex and therefore more expensive to produce compared to the full spectrum CBD oil.


The reasons for choosing a CBD oil can vary. Each CBD oil solution has its individual advantages and of course disadvantages. Because of this, we do not want to make a general statement about which cannabidiol-containing oil is best for everyone. Manuel Raff prefers to use the full spectrum CBD oil with 3%. He prefers the bitter substances and other cannabinoids such as CBDa for his intestines. If you are sensitive to a bitter taste, you should use gold oil. It also contains other cannabinoids and contains a lot of CBD, which is especially good for sleeping.

In our opinion, pure CBD oils should be avoided for reasons listed. They are often more expensive and have no decisive advantages over a full spectrum CBD oil or gold oil. And therefore an application with a pure CBD oil makes little sense for us.