Is Crimea Medical University a good university?

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There are 19 medical university libraries in Ukraine that are subordinate to the Ministry of Health - among the oldest are the libraries of the Medical Universities of:

  • Kiev (1881)
  • Zaporizhia (1903)
  • Kharkiv (1920)
  • Odessa (1920)
  • Vinnytsia (1921)
  • Lviv (1940)
  • Chernivtsi (1944)
  • Ternopil (1957)

The 19 state university libraries with their 518 employees form a large medical librarianship network that collectively administers over 9 million volumes and records an annual increase in holdings of around 90,000 volumes (Table 1 [Tab. 1]).

In recent years, the higher education system in Ukraine has been reformed. There are two types of training at universities: free training (by means of a scholarship) and full-cost training if students have to pay for their training themselves.

Before the reform, new acquisitions in the university libraries were based on the following rule: one teaching / manual per study place, today there is only one textbook for three study places. The aim is to provide the university libraries with printed and / or electronic editions of the textbooks in all basic subjects of all modules.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health places a number of requirements on university libraries, which also influence the national university rankings. The state pays special attention to the use of Ukrainika. The university libraries must keep statistics on the proportion of textbooks and handbooks in the Ukrainian language, publications in the last five years and the proportion of state-approved textbooks. Despite the annual increase in the purchase budget, this does not cover inflation, which leads to a steady decrease in new acquisitions.

Surveys by the Kharkiv UB showed that the average cost of a textbook was 102 UAH in 2010, 122 UAH in 2011, 139 UAH in 2012, 162 UAH in 2013 and around 300 to 400 UAH in 2014. Today the cost per textbook is around 900 to 1,400 UAH.

The textbooks in the university libraries are mainly in Ukrainian, less often in Russian. Students receive 15-20 textbooks for 1–3 courses per semester. Foreign students use textbooks from American or other Western publishers or translations by Ukrainian authors.

The library inventory of the medical universities does not only consist of textbooks / handbooks, scientific literature and periodicals, but is much broader, as the following examples from the medical universities in Kiev and Odessa are intended to illustrate.

National Medical University, Kiev:

  • Textbooks: 303,961 volumes
  • scientific monographs (medicine): 248,834 volumes
  • scientific literature (related subjects): 72,965 volumes
  • Periodicals (Ukrainian): 12,450 volumes
  • Periodicals (foreign language): 6,458 volumes
  • other literature: 41,491 volumes

Medical University of Odessa:

  • Textbooks: 223,700 volumes
  • scientific monographs: 487,700 volumes
  • Dissertations and university papers: 39,400 volumes
  • other literature: 49,940 volumes