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52 gifts for 17 year old boys

What gift can you give a 17 year old boy without making a mistake? When the son, grandson, brother or nephew slowly grows into a man, the search for the perfect gift idea becomes more and more difficult. If the boy has just played with different toys, things must now be found that contribute to the development of the young man according to his age. What gifts can you give young people a lot of joy with and make them smile? Our selection of gifts for teenagers aged 17 and over is large, varied and age-appropriate, so that there is sure to be the right attention for every occasion.

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Cool gifts for a perfect appearance

Are you wondering what to get a 17 year old boy? Teenagers always want to come across as cool with others. They want to show everyone what they can do or what they have. However, this behavior does not simplify the search for the perfect gift. Some of them have very high demands on their parents or relatives. Our selection offers many opportunities to show a young person that they are something special. So how about an extravagant perfume, a cool smartwatch or an elegant wristwatch?

Sport as a balance to everyday life

For many young people, sport is an important part of life. Our diverse selection offers plenty of suitable gifts for 17-year-old boys who have something to do with sport. When the boys come home from school, they are usually not really busy. You have to work out and pass the time with things like a training instructor, an original American football or a soccer ball. You are outside in the fresh air and recharge your batteries for new projects.

Technology for leisure

The choice of gifts for 17 year old boys is endless. Teenagers don't always need action in their life. Many boys at this age are interested in technical things - for example a 3D printer, 3D VR glasses or the Echo Dot with Alexa. Some boys are really looking for the challenge to create something new with a lot of skill and diligence. If you have created something yourself, self-confidence is automatically strengthened.

These are the coolest gifts for 17 year old boys

Our large selection of gifts for boys who are 17 is particularly diverse and appropriate. Whether for a birthday or for Christmas, a teenager of this age is sure to find the right attention.

Wireless power bank solar charger as a gift for 17 year old boys

The wireless power bank solar charger is the perfect gift for boys who are 17 years old. The power bank was specially developed for people who spend a lot of time in nature and are available for any outdoor adventure. Equipped with solar panels and the ability to charge the devices wirelessly, the mobile power bank is a real miracle. The power bank is made of high-quality, fireproof, robust and shock-proof materials and is convincing in all respects. An integrated LED flashlight and compass kit are also perfect for all outdoor activities.

  • Solar power bank for outdoor activities
  • Includes compass kit and LED flashlight
  • Made of robust and durable materials

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Game IQ-Puzzler PRO

The IQ-Puzzler PRO game is a great gift for a young man who is 17. 120 challenges are waiting to be solved. Three different game modes provide a certain variety so that the game definitely won't get boring. The perfect game to take at home or when traveling to encourage brain activity and dexterity. Who will manage to solve the challenges and do a successful brain training?

  • 120 challenges in 3 different game modes
  • Promotes dexterity
  • The perfect game for on the go


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Lava lamp by Signes Grimalt

Are you looking for a suitable present for teenagers who are 17? The lava lamp by Signes Grimalt is a great way to give a young person a lot of joy. Two liquids move up and down in constant tension. The result is a relaxing ambient light that has an almost hypnotic effect. A really fascinating glass bottle with colored water and wax that is perfect as a decoration in the youth room. The recipient will certainly not be able to cease to be amazed.

  • Glass bottle with colored water and wax
  • Provides relaxing ambient light
  • Made from matt gray aluminum

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Book "Boy in a White Room"

Is your boy looking for that certain thrill? The book "Boy in a White Room" is a creepy birthday present for 17 year olds. A really exciting thriller that plays with the dangers of virtual worlds and artificial intelligence. Many questions suddenly pop up and create a lot of tension. But not only the tension takes your breath away until the end, the philosophical background also stimulates your own thoughts.

  • Suspense until the end
  • Thriller for teenagers
  • With philosophical depth that raises many questions

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Huawei Smartwatch Classic as a gift for 17-year-old boys

The Huawei Smartwatch Classic is a great Christmas present for 17-year-olds. The watch has a touchscreen, a rustproof stainless steel case and a generally robust construction. Thanks to the intelligent energy consumption, the battery lasts up to two weeks without recharging. Lots of great features monitor the recipient's health throughout the day, wherever you go. Other outdoor and indoor activities can also be rated - for perfect monitoring of daily activities!

  • Lasts up to two weeks without recharging
  • Many health monitoring functions
  • Modern GPS for a more precise and precise location

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