Are there open source administration books


A page for software products that have to do with the administration of books or writing, or that may be of importance for the book lover.

"Small" software for managing books (alphabetical list):

  • All My Books ( [Windows. Free 30 Day Trial]
  • General books (FreeWare), [link is dead]
  • Bibliographix Basic (FreeWare), [Windows]
  • Bookcat ( [Windows. Free evaluation version]
  • Book Collector ( [Windows, MacOS? X]
  • Books for MacOS? X (MacOS? X, OpenSource),
  • The book lover, software for people who enjoy books [Windows]
  • CALIBER, (Freeware),
  • Citavi, successor to literary man, free version for free, [Windows]
  • Delicious Library (Mac),
  • Die-Bücherei (PC / Win) - Freeware - for smaller libraries (barcode-capable / Internet query)
  • Abebooks HomeBase
  • HillSolutions Media Center, offers different editions, price between 15-55 € no Z39.50 data transfer, only via Amazon. Additional modules: books, DVD, music, software, contacts
  • Kat-CeDe,
  • libreja, web-based library software for libraries of any size, optimized for school libraries and learning materials management,
  • literat (FreeWare), [Windows]
  • LUDWIG's private library, library software for private individuals with an integrated ASB library system (general system for public libraries).
  • Database books
  • Perpustakaan Light (FreeWare),
  • Tellico (formerly Bookcase, Linux, OpenSource),
  • Visual Composer .NET 2, free demo version under offers classic license management as well as functions for the remaining work phases of academic text production.
  • Quick literary,
  • Meganizer (FreeWare), currently organizes book and music collections regardless of platform (available for Win and Linux) and is multi-user and network capable. Details and downloads under

"Big" software for library operations:
Successful mixtures of reference management and hypertext:
  • Synapses (, especially recommended because it runs on all platforms.
  • Bibliographix ( combines reference management and idea management
  • Citavi ( reference management, task planning, knowledge organization
  • litw3 -literature management online ( Freeware reference management based on PHP and MySQL ?. Platform and browser independent. XML and CSV export. Dynamic import formats.
  • Visual Composer .NET 2 ( In addition to an extensive research tool, VC also supports the recording and management of bibliographic information as well as the linking and networking of semantic concepts. Has export functions in word processing programs and tries to cover the entire area of ​​scientific text production. Lively user forum under
  • Literatoo Booksharing ( free book lending platform and management of a virtual bookshelf.

Word processing and layout programs for authors:

Collection of ideas and notes for authors:


  • wget (download / slurp from groups of websites),
  •, by Matthias Kabel
  • Keyboard Remapper (for Windows 95 to XP)
  • [Matthias Kabel, in DeRecBuecher, July 13th, 2003] I wrote a small Perl program which, after entering a start address at, automatically fetches the print version and also the print version of the subsequent files and combines them into a large HTML file. If desired, the program can also create a file for plucker so that you can play the text on your handheld. There is also short help and a man page., It can be downloaded from, the license is GPL.

Other software:

Books Administration ?, Literature Administration?

How do you manage your literature? Do you use special book management software? Or a general database software? Do you know any recommended software?

I propose to collect this on this page and, if necessary, corresponding subpages? to begin.

First of all, my 2 cents:

I had a book management system? with MsAccess? which I no longer maintain because I switched to Linux. Here I am now looking for suitable software. I use the powerful web application server Zope for almost everything, so I strive for the software to be compatible with it in order to keep the book inventory? via a web interface? to make accessible. That means I might become a database? with MySQL? or work directly in Zope if I can't find a finished product. I now manage almost all of my personal knowledge in a wiki, the ZWiki for Zope, which I have also published. (unfortunately offline, but see my homepage later) It would be great if a book software? would work with it.

It would also be interesting to have access to digital versions of all books, especially your own book inventory (possibly digitize your own important books yourself) in order to make them searchable and easier to cite. Would this also be an advantage when creating non-fiction books? or articles, it would be much easier to refer to certain terms and concepts from special authors, ingeniously with texts in a wiki through automatic linking (such as DeWikiPedia)! This would then be a long-term goal of the project. Would this feature be for an administration software? my dream.

--FlorianKonnertz, 1004

Short update message: So far, unfortunately, these plans have remained theory, but I think that I can create a prototype in the next few weeks, because I now have to do with Zope professionally and can gain more experience. I'm thinking of a flexible relative database structure with the PropertyObject? to recreate. - Feedback about any interest in it is welcome. - FloK, 03-06-01

So I have software that runs on Linux and the light version is free: - the professional version would then also have the web interface. Greetings, Christoph