What are the challenging jobs online

Demanding vacancies? Apply anyway!

With self-confidence and the courage to fill gaps.

When looking for a job, too, courage pays off. Graduates should also apply for vacancies where professional experience is desirable. Even if no corresponding internships or part-time jobs can be proven, other strengths can be emphasized. Many questions can easily be answered by a phone call.

Humanities graduates should not be discouraged if the advertisement refers to another course of study. In the course of the changeover to Bachelor and Master courses, the names have multiplied. If a business journalist is wanted, it does not mean that graduates of business administration or communication sciences have no chance.

You shouldn't send hopeless applications, but if you meet a large part of the requirements and can explain your motivation for the job, you should take the chance. Nothing ventured nothing gained! Certainly you will receive rejections on many applications, but you shouldn't be discouraged by this, but continue to believe in your chance.

Real self-confidence is not nourished by hot air and arrogance, but by extensive background knowledge and a lot of knowledge in the area of ​​the advertised position. So you should inform yourself by all means available to you; Our salary and application information is a good start: