What is a fuel for spaceships


In 1981: The first American space shuttle as it takes off from Earth. It is tied to a large rocket that will launch it into space. There is more fuel in the tubes on the right and left. At the end of the journey, the space shuttle landed on earth similar to an airplane. The US used such spaceships until 2011.

A spaceship is a vehicle that can be used in space, i.e. for space travel. Usually a vehicle is meant that allows you to change direction. Otherwise one speaks generally of a spacecraft or a space capsule.

The first spaceships were built around 1960. In the Soviet Union it was called Woskok, in the USA it was Mercury. The space travelers sat in a rather small box that was shot into space with a rocket. This box, the space capsule, then flew a few times around the earth with the astronauts.

Then the space capsule was dropped down. You couldn't really steer it properly. But you made sure that it fell the right way round. Parachutes slowed the fall. The space capsule often plopped into the sea. It was softer than if she had fallen to the ground. Ships or helicopters then picked up the spacemen.

Spaceships that can be used several times have existed since around 1980. The USA built the space shuttle, read: Sspees-Schattel, the Soviet Union the Sojuz, read: Ssa-Juhs. However, they do not start from Earth themselves. You still have to take such a spaceship into space with a rocket. For that you need a lot of fuel, for which the spaceship itself is too small.

The last space shuttle flight was in 2011. A successor is still being developed. The Sojuz spaceship has been in use since 1967 and is now one of the safest transport systems.

  • In 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. Your spaceship was the Soviet one
    Vostok 6.

  • An example of an unmanned spaceship is the space probe
    Pioneer 11.

  • Science fiction films are also often about spaceships. The picture shows a model of the Star Trek spaceship.

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