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The smartest invention, the most creative brand and the most humane patent in Austria

State Patent Award: The nominees have been determined, the best of the best will be chosen on November 9, 2020 in Vienna

Vienna (OTS) - Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler: “I am overwhelmed by the number and quality of the entries for the State Prize! We award creative and innovative ideas, and many of them make an important contribution to a climate-friendly future for all of us. The motivation behind all inventions and brands is often the dream of a better world. I am delighted to be able to award this prize and to meet the many inventors personally. "

“Hot water instead of toxic substances; Bags that cannot be stolen; Phosphorus that can be “recycled”; "Bitches" with cult character; Beer with Beat & Tact - these are just a few of a total of 283 submissions for the State Prize, ”says Patent Office President Mariana Karepova, delighted with the really original ideas and solutions. And further: "This year we will award the most humane of all patents for the first time in 2020: In the" Humanity "category, the invention with the greatest benefit for people wins".

Three inventions in the final category Patent 2020

Typing with one hand: With the intelligent one-hand keyboard, the Tipy Keyboard by Mattheaus Drory, you have everything under control with one hand. Thanks to the innovative key concept, the computer can be typed left or right as required.

Phosphorus "recycled": FlashPhos 1 is a process that Alfred Edlinger developed for the recovery of phosphorus from industrial waste. The increasingly scarce vital raw material is indispensable as a fertilizer, among other things.

Hot water instead of toxic substances: The Vienna University of Technology can only produce crystalline polyimides with hot water instead of toxic solvents.

Final round in the race for the 2020 brand

Fladern was yesterday: under the label "Skarabeos", Wolfgang Langeder designs bags with intelligent theft protection. The ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, the scarab beetle, was the inspiration for his brand.

Beer with a beat: Leo-Constantin Scheichenost and his team market beer with the word mark "Brauton", which is "musically accompanied" during the fermentation process.

Good "bitches": Christina Skrabal and Christian Gerhart save furniture from the dung place and transform them into new, unique designs under the name "bitch".

The nominations in the special category "Humanity"

A shoe warns of obstacles: The young technology company Tec-Innovation GmbH has developed the easy-to-install "Innomake" clip-on device, which turns every shoe into a warning of obstacles.

A "ballpoint pen" measures the tremor: The Tremipen from the Carinthian startup Tremitas GmbH is an easy-to-use measuring device that measures the tremors in the hands and provides a quick evaluation in a few seconds.

Nanocellulose made simple: Michael Jarolim's invention enables a simple, inexpensive and energy-saving process for the production of particularly fine nanocellulose, which can replace plastics in cosmetics and medicine, for example.

The best of the best nominated the best of the best

The state award jury includes people who deal with innovation and art in an entrepreneurial, scientific and philosophical way: Claus J. Raidl, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Science and Technology Austria, Unicef ​​innovation expert Johannes Wedenig, entrepreneur Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, boss the research promotion company Klaus Pseiner, Petra Stolba, managing director of Österreich Werbung, Ö1 journalist Beate Tomassovits-Weis, Harald Kubiena, surgeon and Austrian of the year, market research entrepreneur Roswitha Hasslinger, Gerfried Stocker, managing director Ars Electronica and IP professional Guido Kucsko.

State Prize Patent - the State Prize for pioneering inventions and brands

The State Patent Prize will be awarded on November 9, 2020 in the Vienna Sofiensaal in the categories "Patent" and "Brand" and this time for the first time in the special category "Humanity". It is the highest state award for inventions and brands and is being presented for the third time this year.

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