What are good examples of sitemaps

Sitemaps - you have to know that about it!

A general distinction is made between two variants of the sitemap: On the one hand there is navigation in XML format and on the other hand there are HTML sitemaps. If you want to make the sitemap available to visitors to a website, you can create an HTML sitemap. So this is another document on the website and, like all other HTML pages, can be integrated into the structure of the online presence. A sitemap that is written in XML format, on the other hand, is primarily aimed at search engines. Like HTML, XML is a markup language, but it offers more functions.

This results in the advantages and disadvantages of XML and HTML sitemaps: A navigation file in HTML format can be easily used by visitors to the website. Users can easily find their way around the page using the links if they are looking for something. This means that the sitemap is parallel to the search function and a navigation bar. The sitemap is thus an additional offer to the visitors and increases the user-friendliness. Nowadays, however, the sitemap is usually no longer shown as a frame. Instead, one places z. For example, a link to the clear document is available at any time via the header or footer.

If you write a sitemap in XML format, you can submit it to the Google Search Console, for example. This gives the search engine a better understanding of the entire website. A so-called Video sitemap create. It is difficult for Google and other search engines to read the content of a video file. Therefore, they are dependent on additional information, so-called metadata. If you have videos on your own website and want Google to integrate them into the video search, you should offer a video sitemap.

To do this, you create an XML file that provides information on the individual clips on the page. The information includes Video file title and description, the URL to the subpage where the clip is shown, a link to a thumbnail image and the location of the video player used. The same also works for images so that they appear in the image search.

As a webmaster you don't have to decide whether you prefer to use an XML or an HTML sitemap. Because both together is also possible: This provides the best result, both for the visitors to the website and for the web crawlers of Google and other search engines. Although the XML variant is aimed directly at the search engine, web crawlers also use HTML sitemaps as a simple way to take all pages into account when searching the website.