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In this step, you can specify the Pre-SQL, SQL, and Post-SQL commands.
In this step you can use the Pre-SQL, Specify SQL and Post-SQL commands.
To specify a Pre-SQL script, select Custom Pre-Command / Script, and specify the pre-SQL scripts that you want to run.

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For more information about the different methods, see "Measuring the Pre-Change SQL Performance".
For more information on the different methods, see SQL performance measure the change.
Error executing Pre-Load SQL in Oracle Batch Loader.
Error running Pre-load SQL in Oracle Batch Loader.
Represents a pre-compiled SQL statement or query, with or without IN parameters.
The ULPreparedStatement represents a pre-compiled SQL statement ready for execution.
To create a pre-change SQL trial using Enterprise Manager:
How to create a SQL attempt before a change:
Streamlined operations - Leverage reliable, pre-built SQL Server availability rules that provide fine-tuned monitoring of SQL Server environments.
Some domains, such as the monetary data types, are pre-defined in SQL Anywhere.
Some domains, such as currency data types, are in SQL Anywhere predefined.
The basic version of the O&O Enterprise Management includes the pre-configured Microsoft SQL Server Express upon delivery.
In the basic version of O&O Enterprise Management we deliver the Microsoft free of charge SQL server express preconfigured with off.
Tip: Before making the system change creating a post-change SQL trial, you need to create a pre-change SQL trial, as described in Creating a Pre-Change SQL Trial.
Tip: Before attempting a system change by attempting SQL, you must do a SQL attempt before of the change, as under "SQL attempts of the change "is described.
Use SQL server Pre-Scoping Questionnaire to collect environment info
Step 1: As the Administrator, you will create the template based on a pre-selected SQL you have set this up, when creating lists, the user will only need to input values ​​for these parameters.
Step 1: As an administrator, create the template using a pre-selected SQL statement. Once you have set this up, the user only needs to enter values ​​for these parameters when creating the list.
Tip: Before creating a pre-change SQL trial, you need to create a SQL Performance Analyzer task, as described in Creating an Analysis Task.
Tip: Before creating a preparatory SQL Trials requires you to create a task in SQL Performance Analyzer as described in Creating Analysis Tasks.
Yes, you should have SQL Anywhere pre-installed in your system for repairing a corrupt database using this DB recovery tool.
Yes you should SQL Anywhere in your system Installed have to repair a corrupt database using the DB recovery tool.
Presentation format: drop-down list, option buttons, or list box (Pre-determined and SQL query only)
Some domains, such as the monetary data types, are pre-defined in SQL Anywhere, but you can add more of your own.
Some domains, like the currency data types, are in SQL Anywhere in ahead set, but you can add your own.
You can pre-install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 if you require more capacity or have a customized environment for your SQL database.
You can use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 preinstallwhen you need more capacity or have a custom environment for your SQL database.
Build the pre-change SQL trial by test executing or generating execution plans for the SQL statements stored in the SQL tuning set, as described in "Measuring the Pre-Change SQL Performance"
For a list of the names of the pre-defined dbspaces for SQL Anywhere databases, see.
A list of the names of the predefined DBSpaces for SQL Anywhere databases can be found at.
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