What is a padding sheet

Dictionary German-English

Rather, one was surrounded by props like
[...] a steering wheel mitUpholstery plateund Impact pot, [...]
an externally adjustable outside rearview mirror,
a rechargeable flashlight that was constantly being recharged, and invisible tension pulleys for the seat belts.
Rather one was surrounded by things like a
[...] steering wheel with pad plate other percussion [...]
pot, a from the inside adjustable external
Rear view mirror, an accumulator flashlight, which were constantly reloaded, and invisible idlers for the safety belts.
The airbag, recognizable by the imprint
"AIRBAG" or "SRS" (Supplemental Restraint
[...] system) derPadding plate,ist in the steering wheel under derPadding plateintegrated.
The airbag, identifiable by the word "AIRBAG" or "SRS"
(Supplemental Restraint System) embossed
[...] on the padded boss, is integrated in the steering wheel under they padded boss.
D.iePadding plateist elegant between [...]
sunk into the frame and offers optimal comfort without appearing bulky.
They seat cushion is placed between [...]
the side aprons and offers optimal comfort without becoming too weighty.
Foot part: - Foot part support arm: silver / special design: black coated -
[...] footrest support Polster:Padding platebezogene
Footrest: - footrest supporting arm: silver / special version: black coated - footrest
[...] upholstered pad: upholstered panel, corefined
[...] especially when driving, do not move forward, z. B. over diePadding platedes Steering wheel.
Do not lean forward, e.g. over the cushioned pad On the steering wheel, particularly while driving.
Plastic office swivel chair seats
[...] with removablearerUpholstery plateund optional [...]
integrated seat depth adjustment; optional
integrated armrest attachment with side adjustment; Suitable connection to many common seat mechanisms; GS-approved.
Seat shells made out of plastic
[...] material with removable cushion option / Al integrated [...]
height adjustable; optionally integrated
fixing for armrest with lateral adjustment; connections to many popular seat systems, certified according to the German industry norm.
The headrest width is glued on derUpholstered panelslinks and to the right of the pad carrier initially roughly preset.
For a rough adjustment of they headrest width the self adhesive foat the pads are glued tO the left and / or the right of the headrest brackets.
[...] EVA construction undUpholstered panels-TOPY - soles, [...]
Heels and plates for shoe repair and orthopedic shoe technology
[...] buildup atd cushioning sheets - TOPY - Sheets, [...]
soles and heels for show repairs and orthopedic use
The restraint system (special equipment) for Mercedes-Benz trucks is a driver airbag, recognizable by the "SRS" logo derUpholstery platedes Steering wheel, available in conjunction with a belt tensioner.
A driver airbag, identifiable by the "SRS" logo on the padded boss of the steering wheel, in combination with an emergency tensioning retractor is available as a restraint system (special equipment) for Mercedes-Benz trucks.