What is the white deck in MTG

White Weenies - white turbo deck

White weenies

Short legend: B = black mana - U = blue mana - G = green mana - R = red mana - W = white mana - 1 = a colorless mana

23 creatures
4x WW Auriok Champion 1/1
3x W Isamaru Kondas hunting dog 2/2
4x W lanterns Kami 1/1
4x WW Leoniden Himmeljäger 2/2
4x WW samurai of the pale curtain 2/2
4x W suntail falcon 1/1

11 spells
4x 2W Glorious Hymn
4x 1W sound the alarm
3x 1W roar of the Kha

6 artifacts
4x 1 bone breaker
2x 0 chrome ox

20 countries
16x level
1x Eiganjo Castle
3x blinking moth nexus

Since I want to deal a lot of damage to my opponent as quickly as possible, cheap creatures are the basis of the deck. No creature costs more than two mana. Ideally, you play Isamaru, Konda's hunting dog, on the first turn. For two mana he puts the opponent under pressure at the beginning. If you don't have it on hand, a flying lantern kami or suntail falcon is not a bad threat to your opponent.

To build up the pressure, you simply bring cards like Samurai of the Pale Curtain, Auriok Champion or Leonid Sky Hunter into the game.

The spells are mainly cards that strengthen your own creatures. If you play a glorious hymn on turn 3 or 4, all your own creatures are strengthened by + 1 / + 1 and their attack pressure increases considerably. But also with cards like Bone Breaker and Roar of the Kha it is possible to reduce the opponent's life points. I finally raise the creature advantage with an alarm. The wise player lets this card appear in the opponent's turn, as hardly an opponent expects the appearance of further creatures there!

The chromium ox provides additional mana. Especially on the starting hand you have the opportunity to bring up to two creatures into play at the beginning! In this deck, the most expensive spell only costs three mana. 20 countries are easily enough. The Blinkmotten-Nexus is ideal because it becomes a 1/1 flying creature for a colorless mana and can increase further attack pressure. I rarely use Eiganjo Castle, but it can be used wonderfully to save the Isamaru, Konda's hunting dog, in an emergency.

A fast white deck with small creatures that are unpleasant for the opponent and that can put pressure on them if they are quickly outnumbered. If these are reinforced by one or two glorious hymns and / or the bone breaker, a quick game victory is possible. There are no cards against artifacts and enchantments in the main deck. These can of course complement the deck in the sideboard. The instant disenchantment for 1W can destroy both. If you prefer to stay in the Kamigawa and Mirrodin blocks, there are also magic and abilities against enchantments and artifacts there. The only general weak point with White Weenie decks is that the low mana costs of most spells mean that your hand is empty very quickly. If you then don't dominate the game, there is a risk that the game can tip over in favor of your opponent. The only hope is to draw the right card with each move. If there were several cards, the probability would be higher to draw something suitable for the game situation. So this deck has to build up a clear superiority in the first 3-5 rounds and be faster than the opponent, which is also very often possible with the small creatures. Since there are a lot of weenies at Weiß, a lot of weenie variants are possible here too!

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