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Ban on speaking because of Western Sahara

Cyrus Salimi-Asl on Morocco's boycott of German institutions

  • By Cyrus Salimi-Asl
  • Reading time: 1 min.

The Moroccan government has no fun when it comes to Western Sahara: the former Spanish colony is part of its own national territory. Point! Anyone who dares to contradict this annexation, which is contrary to international law, will get into trouble. Even if you no longer talk to you. Morocco now "punishes" Germany in exactly the same way as small children do with their playmates. Curiously, the federal government only found out about it from the Moroccan media.

The incident has a system: Morocco has been working for decades to create a fait accompli with Western Sahara. Whoever drives the country in the side, must expect sanctions. The Moroccan government also finds supporters of its own position. For example, the former US President Donald Trump recognized Morocco's sovereignty over the Western Sahara in December, thereby ousting the Sahrawi, who have been fighting for their independence for decades. The federal government must reject Morocco's territorial claims to Western Sahara and consistently advocate the referendum on independence. Morocco needs Germany as a trading partner and donor - so the anger in Rabat should soon evaporate.

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