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What is the difference between new and old vinyl?

At Schallplatten-Junkies.de we have placed a focus on used vinyl. Buy old LP's: I'm sure each of you has been to a 2nd hand record store at some point. Of course, in addition to browsing through the LP's, we also offer new pressings. Obtaining them with our partners is of course much easier. We currently have many used and new records on offer.

Availability of bellyed records cannot be guaranteed

In the record store it always counts what is sold out. That means, it may well be that at the time of the click, the record was actually already sold by our record store partner. So always check availability and price. In order to enable a high availability and selection of popular records, LP's and singles, we work with the best European record stores. New "old" records come in here every day, are photographed and written on. We update our information regularly. Nevertheless, there may be times when a rare item is already out of stock when you want to buy it. We apologize as a precautionary measure.

The development of the record trade

In Germany, sales of vinyl records increased eightfold between 2008 and 2016, so it is not surprising that the new production of vinyl records is also fully up-to-date again. Of course, we also take this into account at used-vinyl.com.

New vinyl discs

There is a lot going on technically, the new vinyl records are of outstanding quality. Of course, it is especially the difference in the recording technology that sometimes makes the old discs appear more advantageous today. It has to be said in particular that historical vinyl recordings are characterized by a wide range of sounds. Today's digital music recordings are almost always highly compressed and very high and very low frequencies are simply cut away. In order to make the difference between the new records audible, the entire recording technology would have to be improved, we will report on what will happen there. The keyword digital remastered won't always help.

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Five tips when buying used records

The condition of the record and the cover is of course very important. So that you don't experience any nasty surprises, a standard would be set for this, which you can use as a guide for every used vinyl disc. The condition information of the vinyl or the cover is based on the internationally used "Goldmine Grading Standard" for records.

Sealed (M / S)
Sealed means that the plate is completely new and still shrink-wrapped.
Mint (M)
A mint record is perfect in every way. There are no signs of use. The cover has no cut-outs and is usually still in the shrink wrap, which is already open.
Near Mint (NM or M-)
A record in Near Mint is almost perfect. There are no or only very slight signs of wear and tear. The cover may have slight wear and tear due to transport. The record may have light scratches, scuffs, which in no way affect the playing of the record.
Very Good Plus (VG +)
Items in the VG + condition have slight signs of use and it can be seen that the record has already been played and used. The vinyl may have slight superficial scratches ("hairline scratches", scuffs) or fingerprints, but these do not affect the playing of the record. Picture covers can also have slight signs of wear, such as slight repulsions on the edges or small cut-outs. The labels can have stuck-on stickers or their traces of residue.
Very Good (VG)
The Very Good condition is similar to Very Good Plus, but the signs of use mentioned are more pronounced. Background noise during playback can be more pronounced in quiet song passages, but does not drown out the music. The labels of the plates can be provided with stickers or are written on. The cover also shows signs of use and can be glued or slightly torn at the edge. Items in this condition are usually not offered in our shop, unless they are rare or valuable records.
Good (G), Good Plus (G +)
The record has clear signs of use but can still be played and usually does not jump. However, there may be significant background noise and scratches may be audible. The cover has clear signs of use, it can be glued or torn at the edge. Damage such as stains, lettering, water damage, etc. can also occur. Items in this condition are usually not offered in our shop, unless they are very rare or valuable records.
Poor (P), Fair (F)
The condition of the record is very bad. The vinyl can have very severe scratches or bends. The plate can jump more often. The condition of the cover is also very bad. Items in this condition are usually not offered in our shop, unless they are very rare and valuable records.


1. Please eighth continuous run, if the user orders vinyl on the Internet, that the condition according to the Goldmine Grading Standard is specified in any case.

2. In the case of private sales, ask the seller for an original picture of the cover and the disc if he does not know the standard.

3. Be careful when buying fair-rated discs. They have little sustainable value.

4. only trust dealers who adhere to this standard

5. If you sell vinyl yourself, watch this video to classify your bills.

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Most of the records we sell are in no worse condition than VG + / Very Good Plus. In the worst case, the records we offer can be rated F / Fair.