When was Homer Simpson born

Happy Birthday, "The Simpsons"! You do not yet know these 17 facts

The Simpsons are celebrating their birthday: Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have flickered on TV screens around the world for 30 years. Here's 17 fun facts about the Springfield family.

On April 19, 1987, a story of the family from Springfield ran for the first time on the American "Tracey Ullmann Show". At this point, the characters were only very roughly drawn by creator Matt Groening. It wasn't until two and a half years later, on December 17, 1989, that the pilot episode became a separate series on Fox. Meanwhile, "The Simpsons" have long been a cult.

The 30th season of the animated series is currently on TV. The show, which pokes fun at and criticizes the so-called "American way of life" episode by episode, goes down well with the audience. Incidentally, Fox still has the rights to the format until 2082 - what else?

Donald Trump and Homer Simpson: The consequences of the Simpsons also reflect current political developments. (Source: CAP / PLF Supplied by Capital Pictures)

Did you know about "The Simpsons"?

► The characters in the series are yellow for a very specific reason: Inventor Matt Groening wanted to attract attention and win people who only zap through the program.

► Simpsons baby girl Maggie uttered a single word: "Daddy!" This was dubbed by none other than Elizabeth Taylor.

► The rest of the time Maggie only makes sucking noises. Matt Groening simply "spoke" this himself.

► All characters in the series only have four fingers - except for God and Jesus: They have five.

► Matt Groening is left-handed, as are most of the characters on the show.

► Homer Jay Simpson, Marjorie Jacqueline Bouvier Simpson, Lisa Marie Simpson, Bartholomew Jojo Simpson and Margaret Evelyn Simpson - these are the full names of the five Simpsons.

► Record: More than 600 stars gave their votes for the series - including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and Katy Perry.

► Matt Groening once drew a "Simpsons" family tree - and beware: Mr. Burns is actually a distant relative of Homer.

Mr. Burns and his assistant: The elderly Springfield resident runs a nuclear power plant. He keeps the city on its toes with his greed for money. (Source: Fox via AP / AP / dpa)

► The yellow jokers live in Springfield because Springfield is one of the most common place names in the United States. The writers always make a gag of not revealing exactly where or in which state the city is actually located. In one episode, it was located 1,091 kilometers from Mexico City and 4,270 kilometers from Orlando, Florida - but that doesn't really work.

► Homer's hair and ear, viewed from the side, show Matt Groening's initials.

► It takes six months to produce ONE "Simpsons" episode. The cost: $ 1,000,000. No wonder, after all, the speakers for the main characters are paid around $ 50,000 per episode.

► The couch gag at the beginning of the episodes is between five and 46 seconds long, depending on your needs.

► In Arab countries, Homer Simpson was called Omar Shamshoon. Instead of duff beer, there were soft drinks and instead of hot dogs, beef sausages. After only 34 episodes it was over again.

► Many of the characters' last names are based on street names in Portland, Oregon, the hometown of Matt Groening.

► The backwoodsmen Cletus and Brandine have over 50 children.

► Originally Homer was actually supposed to be Krusty the clown. This is exactly why the two of them look so similar.

► Milhouse van Houten's middle name is "Mussolini".

Jason Momoa at the Simpsons: The US actor from "Game of Thrones" had a "guest appearance" in the cartoon series. That makes him one of many celebrities. (Source: Fox / courtesy Everett Collection)

"The Simpsons" has been on TV for at least 65 years. You can not only look forward to new fun facts, but also to new quotes from Homer: "I have three children and no money. Why can't I have no children and three money?" Aaaaah, yes - you can only love!