What are the characteristics of modernist art

What is modern art?

With this article you can get an initial overview and find out whether your objects include works of modernism.

The epoch

The term modern art, or in technical terms: Art ofModern, brings together an impressive wealth of styles. Opinions and specialist publications differ on the exact period over which modern art extends. We mean the art of the 20th century from around 1900 to 1970. From the art of modernism comes the (depending on the definition of the client it belongs to) Contemporary Arts emerged. It extends to the present in which we are right now.

But to have been created after 1900 is not the only criterion that a work of art must meet in order to belong to modern art.

Features of modern art: Individuality wins

The styles of their work are even more diverse than the production options that have been available to artists since the beginning of the 20th century. There were movements like Dada, Fauvism or Surrealism with their styles, but no uniform style - rather, each artist shaped a highly individual, unmistakable own style with idiosyncratic means of expression.

And this is exactly how modern art can be recognized:

  • she is subjectiveby not starting from traditional worldviews, but rather creating new ones.
  • she is originalby expressing these own ideas in a specially developed design language.
  • she is authenticby not following rules such as B. the theory of proportions, but tries to represent the essence of things themselves.
  • She is in it individually like the world perception of the people who create it.
  • she is open for the interpretations of those who observe them.

But every beginning was difficult: precisely because of their idiosyncrasy, modern works of art did not have an easy time gaining the recognition that gives them their value today.

Off to new media: forms of modern art

With the technical innovations of the 20th century, the possibilities of art production suddenly multiplied: forms like photography, Installation art, Sculptures and Sculptures, Collages, Audio art and Video art could be created with completely new means.

Fleeting forms like Performanceswhich were often only shown to a small audience live, were able to achieve cult status through documentary photos - a famous example is Joseph Beuys ‘campaign“ How to explain pictures to the dead rabbit ”.

The abundance of media attracted many who did not want to limit themselves to one medium to combine media means: in the Multimedia art.