How do I disable ByteFence Antivirus

Remove ByteFence - that's how it works

ByteFence is distributed as anti-malware itself, but at the same time is often marked as "unwanted program". It is installed together with other software and nests in the browser. So you can uninstall ByteFence.

For alleged anti-malware, the program has a few questionable properties. Most people want to uninstall ByteFence because it installs an unwanted browser plug-in and changes the search engine settings. This and a few other properties ensure that the alleged anti-malware is classified as an unwanted program by virus scanners and AdWare scanners. So there is nothing wrong with uninstalling ByteFence and using another tool instead.

Uninstall ByteFence

ByteFence is installed as a normal anti-malware program and can therefore usually also be uninstalled using the normal Windows uninstallation routine.

So you can uninstall ByteFence:

  1. Opens in the Control panel the application Programs and Features.
  2. Scroll down to ByteFence Anti-Malware.
  3. Lead one Double click out on it. This starts the uninstallation.
  4. You may have to manually remove some leftovers from ByteFence afterwards.

Usually it was already at this point. Current versions of ByteFence are no longer that intrusive and don't install anything you don't want. However, you can install older versions of the program as unwanted additional software and then the normal uninstallation does not always help.

Remove ByteFence remnants - browser toolbar, search setting

If you have caught the ByteFence browser extension with a careless installation and the setup has changed the standard search engine, you have to do it yourself. To do this, follow our instructions for setting the browser default search engine.

You should also remove the corresponding Firefox plugins and delete the Chrome extensions.

Finally, the best thing to do is to download the free AdwCleaner and perform a system scan. This tool not only finds ByteFence remnants, but also lots of other potentially harmful AdWare and offers you to delete them immediately. However, it is recommended that you close all browsers beforehand. Sometimes you have to reboot afterwards.