Why You Shouldn't Buy an AMD Laptop

Notebook & PC

  • Backup & data protection

    Show me your hard drive and I'll show you who you are. But who wants that? With these tools, private matters remain private. …more

  • System tools

  • That's what matters

    In 2020, Chromebooks saw unprecedented growth. More than eleven million pieces went over the counter worldwide. Reason enough to take a closer look at the Google operating system. …more

  • As fast as a new PC

    Instead of buying a new computer straight away just because your existing one is running a little slowly, refresh your system. It is important to start in the right places and use suitable tools in a targeted manner. At the end, the benchmark shows what the tuning measures have achieved. …more

  • software

    35 years after Windows started, we definitely do not recommend going back to the command line. But for many useful commands you need the command prompt or Windows Powershell. A journey into the world (almost) without mouse clicks. …more

  • test

    Does Lenovo make the better Surface? It is clear who the Yoga Duet 7i is emulating. The test shows whether Lenovo's Windows tablet passes the model. …more

  • "Spring Loaded"

    For the first time since 2012, Apple is bringing an iMac in a completely new design. It is the first Mac ever built from the ground up around the M1 chip from Apple and comes with a larger 24-inch display. …more

  • Clean up the PC

    There are many files on the hard drive, the function or meaning of which is not exactly clear. At the latest, when the storage space is getting scarce, mucking out is the order of the day. However, this is not always entirely safe. …more

  • System tools

    With Fancy Zones, Microsoft Powertoys offers a window manager with the help of which open program windows can be flexibly arranged. …more

  • Dividend to repay debt

  • New iPads on April 20th

    Next Tuesday (April 20), Apple invites journalists to its virtual event "Spring Loaded" to present new products. Above all, it should be about new iPads. Read what has leaked so far. …more

  • Windows

    Microsoft offers modern programs for music, photos and videos in Windows 10. In earlier Windows versions, the predecessor tools often had significant flaws. That is different today, at least with regard to the basic functions of the on-board resources. …more

  • Audio, video & photo

  • Buy used notebooks

    Do you want to buy a notebook? Then you should definitely look around aside from the new devices. Because with used or refurbished devices, B-goods and leasing returns, you can make real bargains. …more

  • Uninstall programs

    These tools cleanly uninstall programs that are no longer needed and declare war on fat chaos programs that are scattered all over the hard drive. …more

  • CEO Gelsinger reveals his cards

    Intel wants to ramp up its chip production in the USA and in Europe with investments of billions. The clear message from the new CEO Pat Gelsinger is: position yourself as a contract manufacturer and finally catch up in the field of production technology. …more

  • Audio, video & photo

    Whether Firefox, Thunderbird or PDF reader - portable tools save space on the hard drive and do not litter the system. They are also with you everywhere on the USB stick. …more

  • hardware

  • ThinkEdge SE30 and SE50

  • Operating system & software

    Not all Windows users use the Microsoft OS out of conviction or because they have fun with it. For many, it just seems too difficult to switch. We'll show you how to escape the Windows yoke. …more

  • System cleaner

    Garbage data, duplicates, full desktop - with these freeware tools you can clean your system quickly and efficiently. Because superfluous data not only waste space, it also slows down the computer. …more

  • PC & peripherals

    Anyone who has to work a lot with the PC and also likes to gamble or surf in their free time spends a lot of time clinging to a mouse. Reason enough to pay more attention to using the mouse. The following tips will help you to improve your handling of the PC rodent. …more

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